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prologic>>> (1-(19.6/21.4))*100.000:49
prologic>>> 21400-1960000:49
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prologicOsso, see the logs01:07
Ossoyou said "ok" ?01:07
prologicbasically I did what you suggested01:07
prologicI need to restart and update circuits.web on that server01:08
prologicI fixed some caching issues with static dispatcher01:08
prologic>>> (1-(19.6/21.4))*100.001:08
prologic>>> 21400-1960001:08
prologicbasically this ^^^01:08
prologicI did what you suggested01:08
prologicdid some performance analysis using circuits.bench01:08
prologictrusty ol thing :)01:08
prologicthere is a clear difference of about ~10%01:08
prologicwhich on my Mac at work equates to about ~5000 events/s01:09
prologicand on my AMD Sempron desktop at home here about 1800 events/s01:09
prologicthat is to say01:09
prologiclocking costs about ~10%01:09
prologicor at least the locking mehere implements at revision 327201:09
Osso10% is quite a lot01:10
Ossoit's worth optimizing01:10
prologicyes I think so01:13
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mehereWhat precisely did you comare? Revision 3272 and the current state?04:18
mehereMaybe have a look at Having an additional python function invocation in your code costs more than acquiring and releasing a lock! So if you want to compare performance with and without lock, mustn't change anything else.04:25
Ossothat's right locking is more like 5%05:13
Ossoand removing the reduce_time_left call was about 5%05:13
Ossoroughly if they are about the same speed as the benchmark05:14
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prologicmehere, 3272 and 338113:20
prologicmehere, and yes you are quite right13:20
prologicit's not locking necessarily13:20
prologicbtu the way in which we implement it13:20
prologicfunction calls are expensive when you're doing lots of them :)13:20
prologicgotta leave for work, ttl13:20
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