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OssoI think we can make @future work, it's a handy shorthand01:24
prologicI haven't thought of a way yet04:43
prologicyou can't pickle instance methods04:43
prologicso you have to pickle an unbounded function04:43
prologicplus data04:43
prologic>>> m = Manager() + Debugger()04:56
prologic>>>"Hello", name="James"))04:56
prologicTraceback (most recent call last):04:56
prologic  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>04:56
prologicTypeError: create() got multiple values for keyword argument 'name'04:56
prologicAnyone got any bright idea how we can solve this?04:56
prologicThis is a bug we've introduced by introducing BaseEvent.creat class methods (and one other on a subclass)04:57
Ossowe can call the first argument _name05:38
OssoI don't think we have to pickle anything for @future?05:39
Ossonvm I had another bug first06:07
Ossonow I have the pickle problem06:07
OssoI finally understand what you meant prologic06:26
Ossowe can't pickle the self06:26
Ossowhat about mimicking instead06:28
Ossowe make self.call_function(f)06:29
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Ossoyeah it is not very useful actually06:34
OssoI second the idea of removing future06:34
Ossoand adding in the doc how to replace it06:34
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jgiorgiprologic: you could just make name a reserved word, put it in your docs and tell people to name their arguments something else13:36
prologicOsso, yeah15:07
prologicI agree15:08
prologicanyone oppose the idea of removing @future?15:08
prologicWe will document exactly how to explicitly achieve the same functionality by using a Worker in combinations with .call/.wait15:08
prologicjgiorgi, no we'll rename that first argument :)15:09
prologicIt's used by the class method .create so we can create new classes of events easily instead of subclassing all the time15:09
jgiorgi... i have a lot of subclasses lol15:10
prologicno matter :)15:11
prologicsubclassing is still good15:11
prologicbecause you get an opportunity to document your events15:12
prologicand give them meaning15:12
prologicwe also added .handlers()15:12
prologicand .handles(*names) as well15:12
prologichey Osso15:12
prologicbreakfast time - back soon15:12
prologicmight be on my iPad15:12
prologick im here15:28
prologicany other thoughts?15:43
Ossosadly I'm going to bed15:43
Ossotoo tired!15:45
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