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marky1991prologic, could you look at some of my code to see if there is something obviously wrong? I'm getting strange behavior where if I trigger GenerateEvent events,it fails, but if I call _generate_events directly, it works17:09
marky1991it's some sort of context problem; the parameters are the same, but the results are different.17:10
marky1991I.e.: In this snippet , if you uncomment the _generate_events call and comment out the fire call, it works17:11
marky1991The full file can be seen at
marky1991I just don't understand why it works when I directly call generate_events but ails when the system does it for me17:12
marky1991the strangest thing is that when it fails, it still runs the gnenerate_Events function correctly. The windows API call just returns a different value17:13
marky1991the api call claims that it worked, it just doesn't call the callback properly.17:13
marky1991I might go ask for help in a ctypes mailing list17:14
marky1991The only problrem is that it works depending on the circuits code and other people aren't going to know how circuits works...17:23
marky1991So I'm hoping there's some obvious circuits issue in there17:23
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mehereHi marky, I think your approach is too complicated. What I found as a "recommended" approach to replace select in Windows is to simply create a thread for each file you want to read from an d put any results as (file_descriptor, data) on a queue. Then the poller (main therad) can simply retrieve data from the queue or wait on an associated semaphore with the message count. Actually, this is also what you did in Java until they in22:40
meheretroduced the nio library which was in 1.4.22:40

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