IRC Logs for #circuits-dev Thursday, 2013-01-17

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prologichey Osso05:00
prologicDon't knwo if you saw05:00
prologicbut I'm the proud new father of a baby girl05:00
prologicas of Sat05:01
prologicjust got home today05:01
Ossooh nice!05:02
Ossobut here goes your sleep for 3 months05:02
Ossowe should fix the maters about generate event and release that stuff05:06
mehere3 months -- if you're lucky ;-)05:10
prologicwe should release as soon as we've fixed the reminaing windows tests06:30
prologicand looked into any memory leaks06:30
prologicThe other stories in the Icebox I see are features which we should estimated at some point before the next sprint06:31
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