IRC Logs for #circuits-dev Friday, 2013-01-18

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mehereI have re-merged the 2.0.1 GenerateEvents implementation with minor optimizations. Now everything works again except for futures (they don't have to currently, right?)13:25
mehereFeel free to undo that submit or to change things again, but preferably with something working ;-)13:27
prologicmehere, thanks16:18
prologicI'll take a look today sometime16:18
prologicin the spare moments I may or may not have :)16:18
jgiorgiyou have a new baby (congrats btw) there are no spare moments lol16:32
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prologicspare moments?17:28
prologicwhat spare moments17:28
prologictruth be told though there is plenty of time in a day17:28
prologicjust a matter of prioritization17:28
prologicmehere, Osso17:30
prologicas discussed previously17:30
prologicI believe we're nuking @future decorator anyway17:30
prologicmostly because the implicitness cannot ever work17:30
prologicsome tests are failing17:32
prologicand some test or something is making my cpu go 100%17:32
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