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prologichey Osso05:59
prologicany idea what timezone mehere is in?06:00
mehereOh, i'm CET, but irregular working hours ;-)06:00
prologicsweet you guys are both here06:01
prologiclet's estimate the Icebox? :)06:01
mehereI'm just trying to simplify GenerateEvents handling a bit. I think I have found a way to do it.06:01
prologicall tests pass here which is good06:02
mehereIcebox. Never knew what you meant with "Automatic API Genration"06:02
prologicok so the API docs06:03
prologicwhich we use the sphinx autodoc stuff with06:03
prologicI was thinking we should write a simple script to grok the circuits library06:03
prologicand create/update the .rst files06:03
prologicit's too much manual work otherwise06:03
mehereIn general generating is good, but I also like the stuff to be readable in sequence for a juman, so06:04
meherethe sequence should make some kind of sense,06:04
meherewhich I think cannot be achieved automatically06:04
prologicI agree06:04
prologicso what are we thinking?06:04
mehereI like the current approach06:04
mehereof giving structure to things with the rst06:05
prologicwell ok06:05
prologicbut we'll just have to be mindful ot updating docs/source/api/*.rst06:05
mehereand put teh details in the class descriptions06:05
meherethat are hanlded by sphinx06:05
prologichappy to drop that story then06:05
prologicif we're happy with the way we currently maintain api docs06:05
mehereYes, of course. Acually06:05
mehereeverybody should06:05
prologicOsso, ping?06:06
prologicDrop ?06:06
OssoI never check the automatically generated api docs06:06
OssoI can just look at the source code06:07
Ossounless it is not available ofc06:07
mehereWe should take up the habit of checking the docs if we change something.06:07
mehereAnd maybe add to it ;-)06:07
prologicin theory it should be a sub-task of any story06:09
prologicso we're dropping "Automatic API Doc Generation" ?06:10
mehereRight. Task isn't completed until documented (old saying)06:10
mehereI'm in favour of dropping it.06:11
prologicI am too06:11
prologicOk. Let's estimate?06:11
prologic - DB-API Wrapper Component06:11
prologicI've set the project to use a Fibonacci estimation scale06:12
prologic0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 806:12
prologicthe higher the number the more complex we think the task is (not about time)06:12
prologicI'm thinking (for lack of anything better) - read the story, discuss anything that's unclear (updating the story), then estimate it06:13
mehereI'd say it takes a full working week (40 hours) to think about it, do it (and document it)06:13
prologicAnd since we're not here in a room physically and can't use scrum poker cards, just enter a number into your chat window and get ready to press enter at roughly the same time :)06:13
mehereUnit being?06:14
prologicthe numbers/points are just complexity06:14
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prologicyou don't measure estimated time in scrum06:14
prologicjust how complex the story is06:14
prologiclet's discuss06:14
prologicDB-API Wrapper Component06:15
mehereI'll give it a ...06:15
prologicheh ok :)06:15
prologicI was gonig to go with 5 too06:15
prologicbut you jumped the gun a bit :)06:15
prologicthis isn't going to work very well over irc really heh06:16
prologicideally you all pick a number and turn over your card at the same time06:16
mehereSorry, but .. it's Saturday -- family -- coffee -- bbl06:16
prologicso you're not influenced by other's estimations06:16
prologicyeah it's a Sat night06:16
prologicand I'm waiting to feed my lil one :)06:16
prologicthen go to bed!06:16
prologicI'm happy to go with a 5 on that story06:17
prologic - Multi-App WSGI Gateway06:18
Osso3 ? it is simple but maybe there's unforseen (by me) complexity06:19
prologicyeah I agree with 306:20
prologicAsynchronous Functional Decorators06:21
prologicI'm going with an 8 on this one. It's complex because there is no clear API design here06:21
prologicThe idea behind this story is to remove the necessarity to use components everywhere for "small things"06:22
Ossomaybe ?06:25
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prologicthis is something I've always thought weould be nice to have06:26
prologicbut not sure how we'd go about it06:27
prologicI imagine the use of decorators06:27
prologicsome grokking of code06:27
prologicand Manager()06:27
prologicI have to feed Alice06:28
prologicwe'll talk more on this later06:28
OssoI never came up with a good way06:28
OssoI had several tracks06:29
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prologicmehere, ping22:39
prologicyour recent changesets have broken heaps of stuff :/22:39
prologicrevision 3410 onwards22:39
prologichaven't looked into the diffs yet22:40
prologicI fixed
prologichwoever I need to add a unit test for ssl and circuits.web22:40
prologicwe don't seem to have one :/22:40

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