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mehereCan you be a bit more specific? Tests ran smoothly here...00:51
prologicyou're on 2.7 right?00:52
mehereNo, 2.6.7. I need it for this environment, cannot upgrade in my embedded application...01:00
prologicahh k01:01
prologichmm I'll get back to you then in that case01:01
prologicmany random tests are failing at tip01:01
prologicbear with me :001:01
mehereMmh, after running the test several times it looks like I have one of the udp tests failing one out of five times (but that's the only one). Looking into it.01:14
mehereI'm unsure whether that pytest.wait_for really works. If you look e.g. at, isn't it possible that the (concurrently) running manager has fired the "ready" *before* we start to wait for it?01:20
mehereAh, sorry waits for state, not event, forget it.01:21
mehereI've backed out that last optimization. I found something that I may have overlooked. I'll try again.01:45
prologicthanks for taking the time!03:36
prologicI hadn't had time yet to look into it yet :)03:36
prologicbaby and all :)03:36
mehereI've split things. Could you check (when baby's sleeping ;-) ) if there's any different behaviour between 3417 (should behave just like yesterday) and 3418 (minor change, mustn't really show any difference) when you run the tests?03:56
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mehereWith 3419 I've got 100% successful test in five consecutive runs. Now heading for the final optimization.06:59
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meherePushed all fixes and optimizations for event generation. Ran tests 7 times without problems. Please test latest version. If it shows problems at your site, please go back revision by revision and tell me where problems start. Good night.15:02
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prologicmehere, that revision passes all tests17:41
prologicmehere, latest revision - confirmed17:49
prologicnice work17:49
prologic$ circuits.bench -e 10000017:49
prologicSetting up Speed Test...17:49
prologicSetting up Sender...17:49
prologicSetting up Receiver...17:49
prologicTotal Events: 100006 (9260/s after 10.80s)17:49
prologicoooh wow17:49
prologicholy crap :)17:49
prologicperformance has dropped by a factor of 2-3x17:50
prologicyeah wow17:50
prologicrev 3418 is at 22k events/s here17:51
prologicrevision 3421 is where things start to get 2-3 times slower17:52
prologicwhy are we updating the root on fire?17:53
prologicdoing so is O(n^2) I believe17:53
prologicand should really only be done at registration and deregistration17:53
prologicI think that could be the cause of the slowness17:54
prologicwalking the tree is slow17:54
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prologicI wanted to say...18:37
prologicCongratulations guys!18:37
prologicWe have achieved a velocity of 8 over the last 3 sprints18:37
prologicGood work!18:37
prologicTo compare18:37
prologicWe have a 4x better productivity than a commercial project (my work) where there are about a dozen project members all getting paid large sums of money working 40hrs/week18:37
prologicSo again congrats!18:37
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