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prologicWho wants to help resolve the remaining Python 3 issues?04:43
prologic8 unit tests left fo fix for Python 3 support06:39
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prologichey again Osso07:48
prologicgot 8 unit tests left to fix for Python 307:48
Ossonice :)08:00
prologiccare to help fix the remaining 8 tests for Python 3 ?08:02
prologicmehere, nice work on the default error handler08:11
prologicit's helping find new bugs08:11
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Ossosorry it is a busy period12:16
prologicnps :)12:49
prologicmarky1991, ping12:49
marky1991prologic,  ping12:49
prologiconly 6 unit tests left to fox for Python 312:49
prologicI tried to pull in your brnach12:50
prologicbut the merge became rather complex :/12:50
prologicwill have to try again later12:50
marky1991Shouldn't be too complex. Not sur12:50
marky1991there weren't any large changes12:50
marky1991the most was in manager where I had to modify how methods are created12:51
marky1991becasue the signature changes for python 312:51
marky1991i'm about to pull the current version and will  run the tests12:51
prologicunfortuantely I think I've also duplicated some of your efforts12:53
prologicmy bad :/12:53
marky1991i thought as much12:54
prologicI didn't have access to your branch until last night12:54
marky1991my fault12:54
prologicso I'm not sure what to do :)12:54
prologicalso - no biggie12:54
prologicbut I expected a few more changesets for the sheer number of hunks (diffs) I got :)12:54
prologicthere were only 3 :/12:54
prologicI'm going to make some toast12:55
prologicmy throat is killing me :/12:55
prologicbeen sick the last 2 days12:55
prologicthen I'll try to merge your branch12:55
marky1991okie doke12:55
prologicand throw away any duplicate works by you and me12:55
prologicsorry! :(12:55
marky1991don't worry about it12:55
prologicalso another note12:55
prologicI noticed you were doing:12:55
prologicimport six12:55
prologicsix.moves ...12:56
prologicor six.blah12:56
prologicwhilst normally this is okay12:56
prologicwe try not to depend on external 3rd party libraries (if at all)12:56
marky1991is not in the dtdlib?12:56
prologicso I actually made six part of circuits12:56
marky1991how did I run it hen?12:56
prologicI'll likely remove all the six.moves stuff too12:56
marky1991looking now12:56
prologicbecause has tryimport12:56
prologicno it isn't part of the stdlib12:57
prologicit's on pypi12:57
prologicyou would have had it installed by something previously12:57
prologicdon't worry :)12:57
marky1991i've never installed six, but its working for 2.7...12:57
prologicjust small pointers12:57
marky1991i wonder what installed that...12:57
marky1991oh well12:58
marky1991I just edited that in last night12:58
marky1991when you were talking about it12:58
prologicI've finally successfully merged your branch13:13
prologicpruning duplicate works13:13
prologicand other unnecessary bits and pieces13:13
prologicone other thing I noticed though13:13
prologicwe follow the pep8 guidelines13:14
prologicI highly recommend you install flake813:14
marky1991oh, I forgot completely to check for thigns like that13:14
prologicwhich does both pep8 and pyflakes and mccabe checks on your code13:14
marky1991I mostly follow it, so I don't think about it13:14
marky1991I'll do that13:14
prologicall good :)13:14
prologicI'll just run the tests to make sure things haven't broken13:14
marky1991by the eway, what does NOQ mean?13:14
prologicthen I'll commit and push this13:14
prologicthat informs flake8 not to check that13:15
prologicit ignores it13:15
marky1991hmm. I'm suddenly getting failures for test_servers....13:17
marky1991both with what's in trunk and my version13:17
marky1991i think it's my firewall misbehaving or soemthing though....13:17
marky1991hmm. Testing environment destroyed. I think I'll finally buckle down and do a real install.13:27
marky1991be aback13:27
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prologicAnother one bites the dust!13:55
prologicAnd another one bites the dist!14:26
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