IRC Logs for #circuits-dev Friday, 2013-01-25

*** Osso has joined #circuits-dev00:40
prologichey Osso01:11
prologicgood news01:11
prologicall bar 2 unit tests pass on Python 3.1 3.2 and 3.301:11
prologicthere are just 2 unit tests failing on 3.301:11
prologic  py26: commands succeeded01:11
prologicERROR:   py27: commands failed01:11
prologic  py31: commands succeeded01:11
prologic  py32: commands succeeded01:11
prologic  py33: commands succeeded01:11
prologicERROR:   pypy: commands failed01:11
prologiclooks like we have a few py26 and pypy issues too01:12
Ossoyeah that's good!07:00
prologicalso I have CI setup07:01
prologicI've invited you all to have access to it07:01
prologicI'm still tweaking it's configuration07:01
prologicbut so far so good07:01
prologicwe have 900 unit tests passing on many python versions on LInux07:01
Ossothis seems really cool07:04
Ossoit uses ?07:07
Ossoand launches "test" or you set it up somewhere ?07:08
prologicit uses tox07:09
prologicpip install tox07:10
prologictox -e local07:10
prologichopefully I've set this up in such a way taht when we push changes to dev07:41
prologicit'll start the build07:41
prologicand run the tests07:42
OssoI see!08:18
prologicok bed time for me08:40
prologicwe have CI :)08:40
*** Osso has quit IRC09:08
prologicmehere, we have CI09:35
mehereNIce stuff!11:27
prologicyeah :)11:32
prologicwe take build results from jenkings seriously now11:39
prologicI think I'm done tweaking11:39
prologicI'm not sure why this failed really11:49
prologicI ran this test locally a dozen times without fail11:49

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