IRC Logs for #circuits-dev Saturday, 2013-01-26

*** irclogger_ has joined #circuits-dev03:58
mehereDidn't look into details but seems like you fixed test_node.11:31
prologicyeap :)11:40
prologicmehere, what you been up to?11:47
mehereSorry, but what do you mean by "what have you been up to"?12:45
mehereI just looked at the test results.12:45
prologicjust making smallt alk :)13:07
prologicmehere, u there?13:31
mehereLooking at the chat from time to time. Trying to write something for my job. Kind of need a small break after each paragraph ;-)13:34
prologicdon't worry13:34
prologicI'll bug you alter :)13:34
mehere"bug you alter" don't know that expression (and couldn't google it)13:36
prologicI'll bother you after13:36
prologicsorry been up all night13:36
prologicquite tired :)13:36

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