IRC Logs for #circuits-dev Sunday, 2013-02-03

mehereI have reverted the Timer changeset. I couldn't get a successful test in the CI environment for py32. I have currently no idea why. The problem occurs in CI for 3.2 only and although I have a python 3.2 installation here as well, I cannot reproduce it locally. I'm going to leave it in my own toolbox and continue using it in my applications. Maybe one day I find out what the problem is.13:03
prologicIt's only Debian + Python 3.213:19
prologicmehere pong?13:42
mehereYes it is really weird.13:44
prologicso youve removed it for now?13:52
prologicmind comitting it back in and just mark the test as broken for now?13:55
mehereNot until I have an idea. We have a stable solution. Let's stick to that and postpone this. I'll retry later.14:05
prologicok ;)14:09
prologicSeen this mehere?15:54

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