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prologicHey Osso01:26
prologicThere's a potential bug with uploading unicode file data in circuits.web01:26
prologicYou able to look into it at all?01:26
prologicI tried and failed - couldn't figure out what the issue is01:27
prologicIt seems to work fine in py301:27
prologicbut not in py201:27
prologicwhich I find odd01:27
prologicit's something to do with circuits.web.utils.parse_body(...)01:27
Ossoyep I can have a look at it01:32
Ossomaybe not now but later :)01:32
prologicyeah sure nps01:41
prologicI'll commit what I think is a valid failing test01:41
Ossoit is passing here07:59
Ossoso we have something set up differently08:00
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prologicOsso, I think it fails here and on CI too though08:55
prologicso we need to work out why I guess08:55
prologicand make that work in general?08:55
prologic>>> import sys08:56
prologic>>> sys.getdefaultencoding()08:56
prologicwhat's yours?08:56
Ossome too08:56
prologicyou tried on what py ver?08:56
Ossowhat's the traceback you get ?08:56
prologicyeah its weird09:04
prologicthis passes on py3 here for me but fails on py209:05
prologicand for example, uploading a jpg doesny work here on py209:05
OssoI am not familiar with TextIOWrapper09:09
Ossoit may be doing some weird conversion ?09:09
Ossohere encoding gives the name of the encoding that the stream will be decoded or encoded with. It defaults to locale.getpreferredencoding().09:11
Ossofor the text wrapper09:11
Ossoit'll default to ascii09:11
Ossoit a buffer wrapper09:12
Ossowe already have a buffer09:12
Ossodo we need it ?09:12
prologicwell chi is nrojen in py309:15
prologicwrapping in YextIO is a quickk fix09:16
Ossoin english ?09:16
prologicahhhh shit sorry09:17
prologicthe cgi module09:17
prologicFieldStorahe is nroken in py309:18
Ossoah :[09:18
prologicin all versions09:18
prologicknown bug09:18
prologiceasy work around is to wap in TextIOWapper09:18
prologicbut i suspect it causes problems elsewhere :/09:19
prologici was thinking we could borrow all or some of cherrypy body/entity parsing code09:20
prologicbut obviously componentize it09:21
OssoI see a problem with the test09:22
Ossoline 7609:23
Ossothe encode is extra cause we already have a09:23
Ossofixing that problem09:24
Ossoif you remove TextIOWrapper it works with py2.609:24
Ossoit seems like we should check for the py version add a comment that it is a workaround because FieldStorage is broken09:25
prologicyeah we could do that for now09:29
prologicfor lack of netter body parsong and lack of streaming09:30
Ossooh right we need to replace FieldStorage if we want to handle the streaming right ?09:32
Ossothough fixing will take a few mins09:36
Ossotill we implement a new parser09:36
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