IRC Logs for #circuits-dev Friday, 2013-02-08

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prologicOsso, hey01:52
prologicyes so I agree01:52
prologicwe'll just work around it for the 2.1.0 release01:52
prologicwe do need to do something about body parsing though01:52
prologicand either get inspiration from how cherrypy does it (handling different mime types, etc)01:52
prologicor just borrow their module/code01:53
prologicbtw, do we have a work around now?01:54
prologicdo you I mean01:54
OssoI did not write it01:59
prologicOk well I'm off to bed02:44
prologicHave a nice day/night02:44
mehereI'm wondering a bit about our current usage of components as event channels. As implemented, an event fired "on" a component (i.e. using the component as channel) will be delivered to handlers of that component only. This is not what I expected. In my application, I added a handler to component B that used component A as channel. I was surprised that it was never called for the event that I fired on A. As a workaround I have to c07:39
meherereate that handler with component A's *channel* and I have to check in the handler if it is really component A that fires this event (because the channel is used by several components that all fire this type of events) .07:39
mehereSo effectively, a lot of handlers are called and most actually do nothing with the event. Is there a point against allowing all component to add handlers with another component as channel?07:40
Ossowe removed component targeting cause we never managed to make it work properly08:46
OssoI am not sure what it is doing when you pass it a component now08:47
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prologicmehere, do you have sample code that demonstrates this inconsitency?23:57
prologicI'd like to see in code what you're saying23:57

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