IRC Logs for #circuits-dev Tuesday, 2013-02-12

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mehereprologic, when I tried it before, I only removed that if statement. You did a much more thorough patch. With you patch, nothing fails here when I apply it, so I think you should commit it.01:50
prologicI have and pushed it up02:21
prologiccool :)02:21
prologicSo we're happy with these semantics?02:21
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mehereYou didn't push it yet, right? Well, don't. I just noticed that while all unit tests run, the change breaks my application. Looking into it...04:47
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mehereTricked ourselves out. See that07:12
meherehandler_channel = or getattr(07:12
mehere+                getattr(07:12
mehere+                    _handler, "im_self", getattr(07:12
mehere+                        _handler, "__self__", _dummy07:12
mehere+                    )07:12
mehere+                ),07:12
mehere+                "channel", None07:12
mehere+            )07:12
mehereWell, if is a Component, then it is also Manager. Which means that using it in a boolean expression will call Manager.__len__ which happens to be 0 and not at all what we want here ;-)07:13
prologicI think this should fix that.08:34
prologicWHat do you think?08:34
prologicThis is wrong.08:39
prologicchannel can legitimately be None08:39
prologicmehere, see paste above08:46
mehereDon't think so. This could effectively assign a bool to the handler. How about08:50
mehere It does make two tests fail, however, just looking at it...08:51
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mehere... and there are "hidden" problems (only visible in log), looking...09:06
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mehereOK is what I am at by now. still fails, but I first have to understand what the purpose of this test actually is.09:53
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prologicmehere, I pushed what I think is the fix12:58
prologiclet me know12:58
prologicI'll be at work in 2.5hrs12:58
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meherePushed all required fixes in individual commits for easier review. Will probably be sleeping when you arrive at work.14:09
meheremultipart formed worked here for both py26 and py32, but doesn't on shining panda. I think the implementation doesn't properly handle the fact that str in 2.6 depends on platform default (mine is utf-8, I assume panda's isn't).15:13
prologicmehere:  saw your changes. will review them a bit later15:32
prologicnice work15:32
prologicI think we've improve the semantics somewhat15:32
prologicI'll look into why test_node is failing15:32
prologiccircuits.node really needs more work ihmo15:32
prologicmehere:  agreed - I think we need to work out how to modify any unicode related code branches to be platform independent15:33
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meheretest_node works! Currently it's only the multipart form that fails (and that has nothing to do with our component-channel changes)23:54

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