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prologicmehere, $10 credit purchased03:03
prologichopefully that'll last a while :)03:03
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prologichey Osso06:28
prologichmm been thinking06:28
prologicI have Google Analytics on my domain06:28
prologicI currently track a couple of my personal websites06:28
prologicThought maybe it's a good idea to track circuits as well06:28
prologicQuestion is:06:28
prologicDo I use the same profile to track circuits and circuits-dev?06:28
prologicor a separate one06:28
prologicwhat about tracking code vs. docs06:29
prologicsame profile or separate again?06:29
Ossodepends on what you are looking in the stats07:06
Ossoif we start with one profile07:07
OssoI think it'll be ok07:07
Ossowe can switch if it does not work07:07
prologicI'm sending ci build reports to circuits-dev (google groups)07:24
prologicjoin it if you want to see those07:24
prologicshould probably send new issues from bitbucket there too07:24
prologicI believe I've resolved all unit tests now08:37
prologiceven on Windows08:37
prologicI've marked the two tests that fail on windows as skipping (known bugs)08:37
prologicalso added a story re one of them08:37
prologicthe other I think might be a bug with Windows + Python 3.208:38
prologicI'm happy to release in this state now though08:38
prologicare you guys?08:38
prologicmehere, you should probably test your application(s) on the latest code before we release?08:38
prologicI'll do the same08:39
prologicI've re-added pypy to the si configuration for testing09:29
prologicand added it as a supported platform09:29
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mehereGreat, seems like the post test finally works.12:40
mehereI feel fine with this version. My stuff works.12:41
prologicGreat to hear :)14:28
prologicShall we release this weekend then?14:28
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prologicI've removed pypy from CI config again14:33
prologicThere's a problem with pypy on Windows 714:33
prologicIt doesn't even start up14:33
prologicI've emailed support@14:33
mehereYes, let's release.15:00
prologicgood :)15:49
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prologicmehere:  ping17:32
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prologichey dude19:07
prologichow's it going?19:07
prologicWanted to talk about a BSD container to donate to circuits19:07
koobsgood james, and you?19:07
koobscontainer/vm/buildy thingy?19:08
prologicJust had lunch - back to work :)19:08
prologicjust a container/jail for now19:08
prologicnothing fancy19:08
prologicI've contacted regarding a BSD build environment on their CI system19:08
koobsAny particular version youd like?19:08
prologicSo hopefully will hear something back19:08
prologicWell I'd like it purely for ad-hoc development and testing19:09
prologicie: running tests by hand, debugging, etc19:09
prologicIt would be nice to have:19:09
koobsOh, so how can i help, creating a jail or?19:09
prologicpy26, py27, py32, py33 and pypy (2.0) on it19:09
prologicwith pip, virtualenv, pytest, pytest-cov and tox19:09
koobsYou chould checkout tox19:09
koobsif you havent already19:09
prologicyeah we use fox now :)19:10
prologicBut yeah19:10
prologicjust a jail/container setup with those versions of Python19:10
prologicwith pip/virtualenv19:10
prologicI can install anything else via pip19:10
koobsIf you toxify it, i wont have to go through the headache (and possibly conflicts) of 5 concurrent python installs at the system level19:10
prologicwell it's already toxified19:11
prologichowever you still need to install the various versions of Python on the host right?19:11
prologicI'm pretty sure you do19:11
koobstox does it all in venv19:11
prologicwhich is why for CRUX I created python ports for 26, 27, 31, 32, 33 and pypy19:11
koobsyou just need python for the bootstrap/run of tox itself19:11
prologicincluding installing/building python?19:11
prologicI didn't think it did that19:12
koobslet me check19:12
koobsit will be good for me to test concurrent versions of python at freebsd level19:12
prologicI was positive it didn't :)19:12
koobsfailing that ill give you multiple jails19:12
prologicyou don't have bad ports of different python versions19:12
prologicwith appropriate suffixes?19:12
prologicyou could potentially borrow my crux ports19:12
koobsbad ports?19:12
koobsweve got all ports, but their maybe conflicts wrt to multiple concurrent installed in $LOCAL19:13
koobsi havent tested more than one at one time19:13
prologicbsd* ports19:13
prologicahh k19:14
prologicyeah well like I said19:14
koobsBe easier for me if you could builbot it, but ill do my best19:14
prologicyou -could- borrow form my ports19:14
koobsAlready have the setup for that19:14
prologicI have 26, 27, 31, 32, 33 and pypy19:14
prologicall installing concurrently19:14
koobsYour poyrts are bsd ports?19:14
prologicwithout conflict19:14
koobsHell, i could give you a jail and login and you could do the rest19:14
prologicCRUX ports19:14
prologicbut be easy to port to BSD19:14
prologicthey're just bash scripts essentially19:15
prologicAlso, I don't think a buildbot would help :)19:15
koobsmmm :)19:15
prologicit achieves the same thing as fox nearly19:15
prologicjust another way of running/building19:15
koobsLets start with a jail/login19:15
koobsGo from there19:15
prologicmaybe I can create the BSD ports for you19:15
prologicthat don't conflict19:15
prologicserve both our purposes19:16
koobsWe've got the 'ports' in the official tree already19:17
koobsMight be able to work out individual prefixes or something19:17
koobsNot sure python does out of tree builds well though19:17
koobsits pretty ugly19:17
prologicpython's own build system takes care of most things19:17
prologicit's just there are some things you have to rename post-build19:17
prologicand some things you _should_ remove19:17
prologicthat are unuecessary19:17
prologicAnyway, if I could borrow/use a BSD jail/container for now19:18
prologicI'll go from there :)19:18
koobsLet me give it a crack this week19:19
prologicLet us know when ready19:20
prologicAppreciate it19:20
prologicLast night I got all tests passing on 26, 27, 32, 33 and pypy on Windows, Linux and OS X19:21
prologicso pretty happy with that19:21
prologicwe're releasing 2.1.0 this weekend as a result19:21
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