IRC Logs for #circuits-dev Wednesday, 2013-02-20

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prologichey Osso01:11
prologicGood news :)01:11
prologicWe're ready to release01:11
Ossooh what happened ?01:11
prologicI fixed everything :)01:11
prologicwell sort of01:11
prologicCHeck PT for the new stories/bugs01:11
prologicThere are a few known issues we need to iron out in a 2.1.1 or such01:12
prologicbut I'm happy with the current state01:12
Ossomy story for parse_body got accepted but there's no comment on it01:13
Ossolet me check01:13
prologicno there isn't01:15
prologicbut I fixed the remaining unicode issue we had01:15
prologicmehere did work on that too01:16
prologicso between the two of us I think we sorted it :)01:16
prologicat least all tests pass now on OS X01:16
prologicand Linux01:16
prologicwith the exception of the comments in code I made01:16
prologicand the two bugs I filed01:16
prologicbt they're very specific01:16
Ossochanging it to BytesIO fixed? nice!01:20
Ossoso both open bugs are windows related01:22
prologicand very specific at that01:23
prologicand one pypy bug01:23
prologicbut not really our problem - but we should investigate why/how01:24
prologicand report to pypy01:24
Ossowell that's nice01:25
prologicyeah :)01:37
prologic2.1.0 is is pretty good shape I think01:37
prologicmehere's stuff all works nicely01:37
prologicgoing to upgrade to 2.1.0dev on my servers soon01:37
prologicSo Osso/mehere01:48
prologicAside from the fact we need more networking protocols01:49
prologicand a good standard (in terms of circuits) way of building new ones01:49
prologicMy plans for the future with circuits involves some of the following01:49
prologicdistributed computing apis01:49
prologiccloud computing apis01:49
prologicwith runnable node to form clusters01:49
prologicofc this may end up being a separate project/package01:50
prologicfor example01:50
prologicAlso speaking of01:50
prologicWhat are your thoughts on replacing circuits.web.wrappers with webob?01:51
prologicwebob sesms to be used by many other web frameworks01:51
Ossothat's a lot more code01:59
prologicwhat is?02:04
Ossothe problem is we don't have dependencies02:16
Ossoso we'd have to include it in circuits no ?02:16
prologicyou saying that webob is a bit on the large size?03:02
prologicand has features we don't need?03:02
prologicOsso, hmmm you are right03:14
prologicWebOb is many modules03:14
prologicand thousands of loc03:14
prologicforget it :)03:14
Ossomaybe we features we could use04:05
Ossoit would be perfect if we could just import it04:05
Ossobut let's just keep the request like this for now :)04:06
Ossobbl ~04:07
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