IRC Logs for #circuits-dev Sunday, 2013-02-24

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prologicmehere, ping00:39
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prologicanunnakiii, ping?00:55
anunnakiiiping you?01:56
prologichey anunnakiii01:58
prologicgood thanks01:58
prologicwanna review some release docs before circuits 2.1.0 goes out?01:58
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prologicOsso, almost ready for release13:50
prologicWnat to checkout the docs on and the test pypi page?13:50
prologicspecifically I guess the Changes and Release Notes13:51
OssoI am heading to bed tonight14:06
Ossobut I hope I can check tomorrow!14:06
prologicas opposed to not heading to bed normally? :)14:38
prologicOsso, mehere you guys joined the circuits-dev google groups?15:07
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prologicmehere: ping?19:53

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