IRC Logs for #circuits-dev Monday, 2013-02-25

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prologichey Osso :)00:49
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Ossoleilok I am in the mailing list02:21
prologicoh cool03:07
prologicCI build reports go there atm03:08
prologicmight send issues raised in bitbucket repos tehre too03:08
prologichad a chance to review the latest build of the docs before we release 2.1.0?03:08
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OssoI am checking now11:23
prologicahh cool :)11:32
Ossothere is something wrong11:32
Ossowe stripped the support for traversing = False in dispatchers11:33
Ossobut it's in changelog11:33
Ossocan I just remove it ?11:33
Ossoand this a bit generic One more concurrency problem fixed.11:36
OssoCan I remove the too generic ones ?11:39
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prologicOsso, please remove/update any part of the CHANGES.rst file you see fit :)12:45
prologicIt's mostly a straight copy/paste of hg -r 2.0.1:tip --template "- {desc}\n" - with some bits removed like Merged and Code cleanups, etc12:46
prologicYes anything too generic, just nuke too :)12:46
prologicShame on us for committing generic commit message :)12:47
prologicWe should try to make it good practice to commit good commit messages in the form:12:47
prologic- A really good short commit message < 80 chars long12:47
prologicAn optional long description of the change with examples, etc.12:48
prologicAnd make all our commit messages Sphinx/rst compliant as possible12:48
prologicOsso, what do you think about the idea of moving the circuits repos (both stable and dev) to ?13:09
prologicAnd from 2.1.0 onwards we use named branches for development work (which bitbucket supports in the UI)13:10
prologicAnyone is still free to clone/fork/etc, but I'd delete my repos and point them to this new location13:10
prologicmehere, When you get a chance (I realize we all lead busy lives!) - I've noticed something strange on OS X. It occurs with the simplest server (echoserver). You start it up. 0% CPU. You perform a single request with /usr/bin/telnet and it hists 100% CPU and stays there. It does still respond normally however.13:15
prologicI was thinking about building a Tracer component so I could trace the function flows13:15
prologicbbl - be at work in a few hours13:15
prologicgawd i hate these bus trips into work14:34
prologicit takes me 2hrs each way normally :(14:34
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