IRC Logs for #circuits-dev Tuesday, 2013-02-26

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Ossowell I think we can merge then now indeed00:42
Ossoif someone pulls from bitbucket he wants the dev version probably00:42
Ossothat is valid now that we have stable reasonably up to date version of circuits :)00:42
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prologicOsso, hey01:17
prologicOssoleil, hey01:17
prologicSo you think we can just do with the one repo from now on?01:17
Ossoleilyeah with circuits just being dev01:18
Ossoleilactually it depends01:19
Ossoleilif we want to keep circuits and stable and cherry-pick selected fixes01:19
Ossoleilto have a maint branch01:20
Ossoleilthen we keep the 2 repositories I would say01:20
prologicThis might not be necessary though01:28
prologicif we have good development and release processes?01:28
prologic <-- work in progress (Draft)03:31
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prologichey wb04:11
prologicwhat do you think?04:11
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