IRC Logs for #circuits-dev Saturday, 2013-03-02

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prologichey Osso06:33
prologicI moved the repos to
prologicThere's circuits and circuits-dev06:33
prologicI still have my own forks too06:34
prologicbut they're forks of circuits/circuits and circuits/circuits-dev06:34
Ossoleilok that works06:34
OssoleilI saw from the emails06:35
Ossoleilgoing to a play but I should be home tomorrow06:35
prologicI'm going to bed :)06:36
prologicnew sprint anyway06:36
prologicfeel free to pick something up06:36
prologicI'm working on the website and memory leaks tests06:36
prologicThere's a couple new bugs I've discovered that need fixing06:36
OssoleilI'll look into bugs then!06:37
Ossoleilsee you tomorow06:37
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