IRC Logs for #circuits-dev Wednesday, 2013-03-06

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prologichey Osso01:11
prologicI'm pushing up a git clone of
prologicYou able to test it out see if there's any obvious issues?01:13
prologicI tried to do my best with mapping mercurial users to proper Name <email> formats that git likes01:14
Ossowhat kind of issue could it have?01:17
Ossogit is reliable01:18
Ossoas in git clone is01:18
prologicmostly issues with users and correct mapping01:18
prologicand branches01:18
prologicalthough we should only have one in a godo export/import01:18
prologicand we're not moving to github btw01:18
prologicjust thought we'd best provide another avenue of community outreach :)01:19
Ossooh yes I am sorry I just realized01:19
prologicfor those that like git01:19
Ossowe are using mercurial01:19
prologicHere it is:01:19
prologicI created a github team01:19
prologicjust like I did with bitbucket01:19
prologicso the urls are almost the same01:19
Ossonow I understand sorry it is the morning for me01:19
prologicnps :)01:19
prologicI think that's it now01:20
prologicjust need to fork that as circuits-dev01:20
prologicand we're done01:20
prologicwe have github/bitbucket repos01:20
prologicand should be easy for me to keep them in sync01:20
prologicI use hg-git extension :)01:20
Ossoyou found me on github01:23
prologicsweet :)01:24
prologicthat means the email addresses are right01:24
prologicand I did a good job with the file01:24
prologicdoes this mean it automatically contributes to your personal stats? :)01:24
OssoI only see you and me in the Teams page though01:25
Ossodoes not seem like it01:25
OssoI have 0 everywhere01:25
prologicyeah I did add you to the team01:26
prologicI did only find you :)01:27
prologichaven't found mehere yet01:27
Ossoand it's not listing circuits as a personal repository maybe that's why it does not count?01:27
prologicno idea01:27
prologicor maybe the github machinery hasn't computed the stats yet01:28
prologicspeaking of01:28
prologicI was going to redesign the webstie's theme with twitter's bootstrap theme01:29
Ossoah yeah that's one way to do it01:30
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prologicSO hows the github repo?02:10
prologicOsso, ping?03:31
OssoI was eating03:47
OssoIt looks good to me03:49
Ossoit's passing most tests03:50
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mehereI'm "mnlipp" on github12:14
prologicmehere, ta - added13:06
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