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prologicheya Osso, mehere01:36
prologicOsso, got time to chat for a bit?03:26
Ossoyeah sure04:00
prologicOsso, still there?05:20
prologicahh hey05:21
prologicjust wanted to chat quickly about circuits05:21
prologicand how we can add improvements to a 2.2 release05:21
prologicthese next few bug fixes and chores will probably be a 2.1.1 I think05:21
Ossooh yeah sure05:22
Ossoin general direction, I think we have solid base now05:23
prologicI agree05:23
prologicwhere to from here though05:23
Ossoand the speed is already dramatically improved from when I joined05:23
prologicwe have some good (big) ideas of new components to add to the library05:23
prologicI think we should split out circuits.web though going forward05:23
prologicand maybe keep circuits (the core) quite small05:23
OssoI think there's still work to do there but it does not seem crucial anymore05:24
prologicwhat do you think about splitting circuits up a bit?05:24
OssoI am not sure it is going to help?05:26
Ossoit's not taking memory if you don't use it05:26
Ossothe disk space is negli geable05:26
Ossowhy would the autocorrect add a space after negli, that beats me05:26
prologichow about for the new stuff05:26
prologiclike dbapi wrapper05:27
prologicmongo wrapper05:27
prologicas separate projects?05:27
prologicwith circuits.web -- I want to borrow from wsgi2cgi (look it up on pypi) and add CGI Component05:28
prologicalso on that note, I think it would be good if we added worker support to the circuits.web.wsgi.Gateway and (future CGI) components05:29
prologicso that serving up WSGI/CGI apps is as fast as possible05:29
prologicwsgi.Gateway should utilize a worker thread pool05:29
prologicwhilst CGI should utilize a worker process pool05:30
OssoI don't know do we have an example of another framework that's splitting modules?05:30
prologicoh hmm05:30
Ossolike django has lots of modules spit on pypi05:30
prologiclots of frameworks already have their namespace split up05:30
prologiceg: z3c, collective05:30
prologicyeah django05:30
prologicwe don't have to05:31
prologicwhat we can do instead05:31
Ossozope is different for instance05:31
prologicis decide on the set of core components that will go into circuits and continue to stay there05:31
prologicand new componentry we write and publish as separate projects05:32
Ossook yeah that makes sense05:32
prologiceg:, circuits.db05:32
OssoI maybe wrong but I think the stuff is split up because it is maintained by different people05:32
prologicahh k05:33
prologicso you'd be in favor of cleaning up circuits05:33
prologicand providing new componentry as separate, published works?05:33
OssoI think that everything we maintain ourselves can be in the main repo05:35
Ossocomponents that are community maintained should be split05:35
prologicthat sounds good too05:35
prologicdo you think it's useful to create a community repo?05:36
prologicof 3rd party components (a community library)05:36
Ossoa list of components for sure05:36
Ossobut they can have their own repo05:36
prologicok just a list05:36
prologicwe can put this in docs and on the website?05:36
prologicI know of 3 already05:37
prologicand circuits.portal05:37
prologicall developed/maintained by mehere :)05:37
prologicso link these to docs/website?05:37
OssoI think a dedicated page on the website would be good05:37
prologicme too05:37
prologicmight continue this another day :)05:40
prologicbed for me05:40
prologicHave a think about a better value proxy object05:40
prologicand improving event feedback/callbacks05:40
prologicright now we can do:05:40
prologicclass Foo(Event):05:40
prologic   success = True05:40
prologicfor example05:40
prologicmaybe it would be nice to specify another event to be fired05:40
prologicas well as implicitly firing FooSuccess05:41
OssoI remember we did that to make it a simpler :D05:45
prologicisn't it good to also provide an explicit mechanism?05:46
prologiclike we do with implicit and explicit event handler definitions?05:46
OssoI don't know05:47
prologicanyway something to think about maybe05:47
prologicI think it would be easy to add05:48
prologicanyway let's discuss more later05:49
prologicI'm going to bed :)05:49
prologicOsso, What do you think?06:40
prologicbefore I commit and push this06:40
Ossoit's good for now yeah06:41
Ossowe can give more emphasise to 3r party components whoever they start growing06:42
prologiclike a separate page06:46
prologicwith a tabular list06:46
prologicnow good night :)06:51
Ossogood night!06:53
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