IRC Logs for #circuits-dev Wednesday, 2013-03-13

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circuits2 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev03:34
circuits6ecd770182ab by prologic: Fixed incorrect kwarg (code) used.03:34
circuitsa58a0145fa0f by prologic: Automated merge with
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circuits5 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev04:10
circuitsbb01add4e6a1 by prologic: Reviewed and Fixed ACL Demo for circuits.web [#45735111]04:10
circuitscf080b22a441 by prologic: Reviewed and Fixed Auth Demo for circuits.web [#45735111]04:10
circuitsb78818c210a3 by prologic: Reviewed and Fixed BaseController Demo for circuits.web [#45735111]04:10
circuits2cfffba64f74 by prologic: Reviewed Controller Demo for circuits.web [#45735111]04:10
circuitse13f1e53a4ef by prologic: Reviewed Counter Demo for circuits.web [#45735111]04:10
circuits2 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev04:19
circuitsdc4c2cbfcfd8 by prologic: Removed bad example. Trying to write concurrently and asynchronsouly to a file is rather silly :)04:19
circuits9100e80c4de5 by prologic: Reviewed Filtering Demo for circuits.web [#45735111]04:20
circuits7 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev04:54
circuitsce751ac217fd by prologic: Code cleanup04:54
circuits4ea7277fae18 by prologic: Code cleanup04:54
circuitsb3182332271e by prologic: Code cleanup04:54
circuits37c3cf9c5309 by prologic: Remvoed all references to unused timeout instances variables.04:54
circuits252f0ed7f372 by prologic: Use boolean logic to run self.flush()04:54
circuitsd428b0ce62dd by prologic: Reviewed BaseServer Demo for circuits.web [#45735111]04:54
circuits22ae427f92a5 by prologic: Reviewed File Upload Demo for circuits.web [#45735111]04:54
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circuits2 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev05:23
circuitsbcf9de8b9240 by prologic: Removed pypitest page05:23
circuits83747dbfb30a by prologic: Updated RELEASE/CHANGES05:23
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