IRC Logs for #circuits-dev Monday, 2013-03-18

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prologichey Osso01:19
prologicget my emails?01:27
Ossoit's already taken as a name :(01:48
prologicwhat is?01:48
prologictaken where?01:49
prologicoh I realize the name is taken on the app store02:27
prologicbut are we targeting the app store? :)02:27
prologicI was thinking if we're successful02:27
prologicthe feedler app on the app store could use our service02:27
prologicin place of the dead google reader02:28
Ossoyes we target web first, we need some iOS app which could very well be feedler but the problem is that it is an app directly related to our reader02:35
prologicguess we'll ahve to come up with amother name :)03:33
prologicOsso: any ideas in mind?03:38
Ossonot yet ~03:52
prologicOsso: that control fd bug you fixed for bsd04:37
prologicis apparently still there04:37
prologicI'm on one of kooks FreeBSD boxes04:37
OssoI only fixed it on circuits stable04:37
prologicand the process eat 100% cpu and stay there04:37
Ossoare you using circuits-dev by chance ?04:38
prologicyeah I merged it into dev04:38
prologicand experimental04:38
Ossowe need to remove the try except there04:38
prologicoh and btw04:57
prologicscaling works on Linux and FreeBSD04:57
prologicscales linearly to no. of cpu cores04:57
prologicTHe brokenness I was prorating earlier with it Im' only seeing on OS X04:58
prologichmm ok05:00
prologicthat logic seems odd to me05:01
prologicwhat are we meant to do in the event of an error?05:02
prologicor should we only catch socket errors and return b"\x00" ?05:02
Ossoyeah we should only catch socket errors05:49
Ossoany other error should show05:49
Ossoactually are socket error normal either ?05:50
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