IRC Logs for #circuits-dev Thursday, 2013-03-21

*** Osso has joined #circuits-dev00:29
prologichey Osso00:30
prologicsaw your commits00:30
prologicto reader00:30
prologicI haven't had much time to play with it yet and add to it yet00:30
OssoI have today off, I am going to work on it00:31
Ossosome more00:31
prologicok cool00:31
prologicI was thinking00:31
prologicI want us to use jqwidgets.org00:31
prologicand use their rss feed demo/example00:31
prologicand go from there00:31
OssoI was planning to offload the frontend stuff to my colluegue00:32
Ossobut you can plan with him indeed00:33
OssoI haven't heard jqwidgets yet00:33
Ossodo you have gtalk ?00:34
prologicWhat kind of skills i your colleage got?00:35
OssoI'll add you too :p00:35
Ossohe's focused on frontend00:36
prologicso themeing, css, graphics?00:36
prologicor also javascript?00:36
Ossojavascript and html and css00:36
prologicok cool00:37
Ossohe does not do graphics though ~00:37
prologicahh k00:37
Ossohe can handle some backend too but there's hardly any need with both of us00:37
prologicok well I'll want to have a talk to him00:37
prologiccause although I'm not good at making things look "sexy"00:37
prologicI can do ui00:37
prologicin terms of things like jquery, jqwidgets, etc00:37
prologicI want to focus on the backend with you though :)00:37
prologicbut I thought jqwidgets would give us a head start00:38
prologicplus it's nice and lightweight00:38
prologicand improtantly looks nice00:38
prologicwith good accessibility for me :)00:38
Ossohonestly jqwidgets examples are claustrophobic00:39
Ossoit does not matter00:39
Ossobut really they what 5 boxes ?00:39
prologic5 boxes?00:39
Ossoyeah look at right hand side00:40
prologicof that example?00:40
Ossoof all the example00:40
prologicI'm not following00:41
prologic5 boxes of what?00:41
Ossoahah let me just screen it00:41
prologicbbl later anyway00:41
prologicbath and dinner00:42
prologicstill be online ofc00:42
prologicscreenshot it to me )00:42
prologicwhat's your point?00:44
prologicyou just find the examples cluttered?00:44
prologici.e: not laied out very nicely?00:45
Ossoyeah that's quite scary for ui toolkit00:47
prologicit's just the way they've laid it out I think01:05
Ossolisting all users with riak seems harder than it should01:28
prologicwhy's that?02:26
Ossoso far I had to change the backend to leveldb to activate secondary indexes02:27
Ossoby default it has to scan all the key space02:28
Ossoit still takes like 5 seconds though to list one user02:28
OssoI am not sure what's wrong02:28
prologichmm interesting02:55
prologicI'll try and run up raik this weekend on my box02:55
prologicand see02:55
prologicdistributed databases are very new and heavily researched though02:55
prologicso we may be better off with mongodb for example02:55
prologicwho knows02:55
OssoI am trying to setup 4 nodes see if it changes anything02:58
Ossobut I can't seem to be able to rename them02:58
prologiclisting a single user on a single ndoe02:58
prologicshould be quite fast on any kind ofdata base02:58
prologicof database*02:58
Ossoyes I wonder if I encounter a timeout03:02
Ossobecause it's not reaching quorum03:02
prologicg'night Osso03:07
prologicI'll try to setup riak and I'll do up a quick ui laterout using jqwidgets on the weekend03:07
prologicjust to get something going03:07
prologicassuming you don't beat me to it :)03:07
Ossosome kind of consensus03:08
Ossobetween nodes03:08
Ossoit might need 303:08
prologicit should onl need ! :)03:09
prologicunless you want to scale up03:09
prologicmaybe let's use zodb for now? :)03:09
prologicwith the intention of swapping it out in future03:09
prologicor this:03:13
prologiccodernotudb is quite nice ihmo and fadt03:25
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Ossogot it it was calling /stats which takes forever to run05:01
Ossoto check the server version05:01
OssoI removed that check05:01
Ossoyour stuff is neat05:02
OssoI was assuming you really went to bed and did not check irc05:03
Ossoanyway riak is fast again now :)05:03
Ossoprologic: sleeping ?05:11
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Ossothe indexes in riak are quite great09:01
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