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prologichey Osso03:59
prologicyou wanted to comment on the filtering api?03:59
circuits1 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev04:00
circuits3cc016e350b8 by prologic: Changed internal flag of new filtering API to .stopped04:00
Ossoyeah but04:02
OssoI don't have definite preference04:02
circuits1 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev04:11
circuits2a9459e83ff5 by prologic: Added unit test for new filtering API04:11
prologicwhat's your feeling?04:11
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OssoI just wanted to say that declarative is better04:21
Ossoyou can easily see the filter handlers04:21
OssoI still like e.stop() better04:21
Ossonot sure why04:21
prologicwell I thought doing this would be a good idea04:24
prologicto solve other issues jgiorgi is reporting with circuits.web04:24
prologicmainly around being able to deal with None, True values from handlers04:24
prologicthis way filtering is more explicit04:24
prologicand not particularly very special04:24
circuits1 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev04:25
circuitsc71129b92678 by prologic: Added Deprecation Warning for use of filter04:25
prologicsort of makes things simpler yet again04:25
prologiceverything's just an event handler - no special thing called filters I guess04:25
prologicjust call event.stop() if you want04:25
circuits1 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev04:38
circuitsc1cecdcf9b7b by prologic: Fixed :func:`` for Python 3 compatibility04:38
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prologichey logix81205:05
prologichow's it going05:05
circuits1 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev05:05
circuitsedb289de9625 by prologic: Added an example of using :mod:`circuits.web.client`05:05
logix812Beta week.. always fun05:06
prologicahh nice05:06
prologicso where were we? :)05:06
prologicbtw feel free to stick around if circuits interested you at all05:07
prologicwe need more devs :)05:07
logix812thanks, as soon as I got a second of time I was going to give it a whirl05:08
logix812I think we left off with me getting a better understanding of what circuits describes as events05:09
prologicahh yes05:09
logix812and looking at the issue of the multipart parser using co-routines05:09
prologicand the fact that circuits treats any event handler that yields as a coroutine05:10
logix812Ya, so I take it your parsing of input data is an event handler05:10
prologicso I'm not really sure how that would work if calling out to utility functions that also want to be coroutines would work05:10
prologicit happens in the dispatcher's event handler for the Request event05:11
prologicideally I think (thinking out loud here) I'd like to add multiprocessing to circuits.web05:13
prologicin that parsing (http, query_string, body/multipart, etc) is done in a separate process pool of workers05:13
prologicI'm not sure how that would pan out - but it's a thought I'm pondering05:13
prologici.e: your main listening process would be async, and a worker pool to do cpu bound work (parsing)05:14
circuits2 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev05:15
circuits7e714b975623 by prologic: Use rm -rf {} + to clean up __pycache__ dirs05:15
circuits02d5ea3ff759 by prologic: Fixed deprecated functions in :class:`circuits.web.servers.BaseServer`05:15
circuits1 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev05:29
circuitsecabe134dc1b by prologic: Fixed deprecation warning for old filter API (for Python 3)05:29
circuits1 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev06:07
circuitse1cba84b1fad by prologic: Fixed some deprecated users of filter=True06:07
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circuits1 commit(s) pushed to contrib22:13
circuitsdedd09be4253 by Justin Giorgi: working on data objects and forking to unstable repo22:13
jgiorgicircuits: help22:38
jgiorgimeh, bummer22:39
prologicsimple bot23:10
prologicdoes not respond to anything on irc23:10
prologiconly has a web api23:10
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