IRC Logs for #circuits-dev Wednesday, 2013-03-27

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circuits3 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev04:03
circuitsf16fbb198f6e by prologic: Added success and failure properties for Task event04:03
circuits9809a89e4a87 by prologic: Improved the API of :class:`circuits.web.client.Client`04:03
circuitsa6eb529e6a9a by prologic: Optional and default timeout for .wait(...)?04:03
prologicOsso: what do you think of these changes?04:05
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Ossoseems nice09:44
OssoI think we can improve the client even more09:45
Ossosome kind of method we can yield09:45
Ossoand it would be a one line call09:45
Ossoand you get the results asynchronously09:46
OssoI think that's possible09:46
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circuits1 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev12:48
circuitsd953b8ce380e by prologic: Backed out changeset a6eb529e6a9a - Breaks a lot of tests. Will rethink this.12:48
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circuits2 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev16:54
circuits49fcd3c480d3 by prologic: Fixed several :mod:`circuits.web.client` tests related to changes in the API16:54
circuits8c7e6325ed4e by prologic: Re-added optional timeout kwarg to call/wait16:54

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