IRC Logs for #circuits-dev Thursday, 2013-03-28

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circuits1 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev02:01
circuitsf796f09cbf13 by prologic: Fixed circuits namespace02:01
circuits2 commit(s) pushed to contrib02:02
circuits0d62175021da by prologic: Fixed circuits namespace02:02
circuits390f2adb8c38 by prologic: Automated merge with
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circuits7 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev05:44
circuitse4287a9174e7 by prologic: Added Stream event to circuits.web namespace05:44
circuits66b0528ef158 by prologic: Set ``workers`` to a default of ``None`` so we default to ``cpu_count()``.05:44
circuitsbcbe9450519e by prologic: Code cleanup05:44
circuits2345d4954af5 by prologic: Added encoding support to HTTP Parser to properly decode HTTP Header values.05:44
circuitsc75d91fef1c5 by prologic: Only treat the paths as different if they are with tailing "/" stripped.05:44
circuitsc1cfbb830e51 by prologic: Fixed Status regex (it was wrong)05:44
circuits9a4baf4a61b1 by prologic: Updated circuits.web.client to the new HTTP Parser05:44
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circuits19 commit(s) pushed to contrib11:45
circuits6eec4f6f4a98 by Justin Giorgi: updated readme, fleshed out data handling in mongo wrapper11:45
circuits494a5f0fb423 by Justin Giorgi: incremented version11:45
circuits78d96dfbc6f6 by Justin Giorgi: debugged basic operation of mongo wrapper, find, limited find, insert and update work11:45
circuitsb8d184d1e206 by Justin Giorgi: tweaks to api in preparation for SQL based api11:45
circuits9f70ec3e3b36 by Justin Giorgi: working on data API for sqlite11:45
circuitsf651b2dd2d72 by Justin Giorgi: added sql injection escapes in sqlite wrapper11:45
circuitsb946963aade1 by Justin Giorgi: added save to sqlite api11:45
circuits1340c521abd8 by Justin Giorgi: added delete API to sqlite11:45
circuits87edfe3bd295 by Justin Giorgi: added delete api and event to mongo wrapper11:45
circuitsef0de7f790ee by Justin Giorgi: patching sortastatic for proper content types11:45
circuits6db00a64d805 by Justin Giorgi: fleshing out comments and api for sqlite11:45
circuitsc13c86f2fd8d by Justin Giorgi: added events and wrappers for sqlite data component, removed support for __contains__11:45
circuitsad64ea01f0ab by Justin Giorgi: restored save functionality to mongo api11:45
circuits40000e1e000e by Justin Giorgi: debugged basic mongo api11:45
circuits3dbd561b37c5 by Justin Giorgi: moved events to universal events file, tweak api to keep everything universal11:45
circuitse05c7a6f0fe4 by Justin Giorgi: reducing redundant code by using universal data wrappers11:45
circuits3d46f8d287cd by Justin Giorgi: switched sqlite over to universal wrappers11:45
circuits03d5115949e7 by Justin Giorgi: added wrappers file, debugged SQlite api11:45
circuitse0f7e4109ad6 by jgiorgi: Merged circuits/contrib into default11:45
jgiorgiwell that was weird, it said there was an error but everything worked11:47
prologicjgiorgi, what said there was an error?15:09
jgiorgibitbucket said there was an unknown error15:21
jgiorgibut the code merged and everything still works15:21
jgiorgiline comparison is 100% match15:22
jgiorgiprologic: ^^15:22
prologicI'm trying to improve our WebClient API15:29
prologicand write a fast web crawler in circuits15:29
jgiorgicool, keep me informed, i'm going to need a crawler soon and mine isnt optimal15:31
prologicI already have a really good one15:41
prologicit was written for Griffith University (my work place)15:41
prologicit's quite nice with what you can do with it15:41
prologicI'm just trying to rewrite the crawler part in circuits so that it's faster15:41
prologicbut when I'm done, I'll also commit a simpler version to examples/15:42
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jgiorgiawesome i'll look at it when phase 2 of the infocream project rolls around16:03
circuits1 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev18:31
circuits11e51deec343 by prologic: Fixed typo18:31

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