IRC Logs for #circuits-dev Sunday, 2013-03-31

circuitsa9f50c44fca4 by prologic: Code cleanup07:11
circuits528bd15abb69 by prologic: Removed WSGI environ capability (we have this elsewhere)07:11
circuits7af887008c4e by prologic: (WARNING): Large commit integrating the url module.07:11
circuits4c5ae60de232 by prologic: Added deprecation warnings for deprecated API(s)16:39
circuits19e7b9a48707 by prologic: Added ShiningPanda Build Icon Badge17:36
circuits54f13f1d17c8 by prologic: Make URL object callable (for convenience and backwards compatibility)17:37
circuits45e88882e50d by prologic: Added ShiningPanda Build Status Badge to README17:45

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