IRC Logs for #circuits-dev Monday, 2013-04-01

circuitse3ac840f78c1 by prologic: Replaced deprecated uses of filter=Tru03:13
circuits76bb63c4e5a5 by prologic: Allowed calls to self.wait(...) to also return a CallValue03:13
circuits8ede62a28845 by prologic: Return and Yield the response03:13
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circuits229539de6652 by prologic: Changed HTTP.url and Request.url to .uri (more generic)04:42
circuitsfbfbfb368c09 by prologic: Code cleanup04:45
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circuitsdaaeecb4d10a by prologic: Only yield a CallValue for .self.wait(...) if we actually saw the event22:32
circuitsf4b401efa2cb by prologic: Fixed bug with setting Host header for circuits.web.client22:32
circuits8acebd99bfcb by prologic: Added printing of status, reason and headers on example wget demo22:32

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