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prologichey Osso00:30
prologicYou got some time to look at something?00:30
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prologicwith the latest circuits-dev04:09
prologiccan you have a look at
prologicspecifically ?04:09
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prologicOsso, not sure if you've had a chance to look at yet06:32
prologicbut I'm trying to create a web crawler (based on work I've already done for a project at work)06:32
prologicbut I want it to be very fast06:32
Ossooh nope I haven't06:32
prologicso I'm trying to combine circuits I/O06:32
prologicwith circuits Worker(s)06:32
prologicbut I must sleep now/soon :)06:32
Ossosounds good06:32
prologicbeen up configuring my new server06:32
prologicmigrating my old server to a Quad Core Xeon 8GB RAM06:33
prologicI'll setup nginx I think06:34
prologicwith reverse proxy06:34
Ossoso is bugging somewhere?06:34
prologicand give you guys shell access fo run up reader06:34
prologicno, it's not bugging per say06:34
prologicthe version there along with circuits-dev (tip)06:34
prologicworks as expected06:34
prologicbut I'm trying to find ways to optimize it even further06:34
prologicright now it's on par with the serial version in spyda06:35
prologichg clone && cd spyda && python develop06:35
prologiccrawl --help06:35
prologic./ --help06:35
prologicthe two perform roughly the same right now06:35
prologicI found 1 thing today:06:35
prologiccheck_singleton is expensive06:36
prologicand I have a sneaking suspicion that processTasks is also expensive06:36
prologicit seems the more tasks we have the slower06:36
prologicso things like call/wait aren't as quick as you'd expect06:36
prologicbasically this is a real-world task I'm trying to solve and optimize06:37
prologicso it'd be good if we could improve the circuits framework as a result06:37
prologicgreatly appreciate any input/insights you might have :)06:37
prologicbut hopefully out of it we'll have a nice (stripped down) simpler version in examples/ :)06:38
Ossowell it is run after each event so I can see it slowing down stuff06:38
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prologicyeah I don't think that's the problem though06:46
prologicOssoleil, there?06:46
prologicyeah I don't think that's the problem though06:48
prologicI've noticed that as you have call/wait tasks06:49
prologicthat it takes a while for them to finish06:49
Ossoah ok something else on top?06:49
prologicmy subjective analysis06:49
prologicyeah it seems that way06:49
Ossoneeds investigating indeed06:49
prologicI could be wrong though06:50
prologicalso I did improve the web client as you suggested06:52
prologicso you can now just do:06:52
prologicresponse ="GET", ""))06:52
prologichas to still be inside a component though06:52
prologicoutside you get a generator back and have to iterate over it by hand06:52
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prologicI must go get some sleep now06:56
prologicor I'll be dead at work :)06:56
prologicwill you have a look at it over the next few days? (time permitting?)06:56
Ossook good night!07:03
OssoI hope07:03
Ossobut wednesday is booked for me07:04
OssoI may not have time today07:04
Ossothursday might be a good day07:04
prologic<  prologic: are you online?07:06
prologic<  i just want to know why you also add the third argument peer_cert to the Request event07:06
prologic<  and especially why you set in your default dispatcher in the request handler: event.peer_cert = peer_cert07:06
prologic<  instead you could this in the HTTP _on_read: req = Request(req,resp); if hadattr(sock, getpeer): req.peer_cert = sock.getpeer()...07:06
prologic<  am i right?07:06
prologic<  also who need it?07:06
prologic<  if someone need it he could also do request.sock.getpeercert07:06
prologic<  needs*07:06
prologicI kinda agree with spaceone on this one07:07
prologicjust noticed this privmsg07:07
prologicOsso, nps :)07:07
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circuitsa9b8ea805c2f by prologic: Added very simple (basic) CRUD demo23:34
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