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prologichey :)01:04
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OssoI was thinking we could use codecs.getwriter to open the files03:40
Ossowith the file component03:40
Ossomaybe have a binary mode that would use io.open03:40
prologicwhat are you thinking?03:42
prologicwhat would this accomplish?03:42
Ossoit would make the behaviour consistent between python 2 and 303:43
Ossoso it is a change we need to do at some point anyway03:44
Ossocause python3 default open is with an encoding03:44
prologicahh k03:45
prologicyeah I'm cool with that03:45
prologicalso I'm thinking of blowing away all the singlton checking crap03:46
prologicwe don't use it anywhere in our components03:46
prologicand it's very expensive03:46
Ossofine with me03:47
prologicalso noticed a bug (missing event) with
prologicthe Connected event is fired too soon03:47
prologicit's fired when the socket is in fact not connected yet03:48
prologicwe assume it will be03:48
prologicI've found in practice this sometimes is not the case03:48
prologicI found code in asyncore that has seems to be able to "tell" when the socket is connected03:48
Ossooh wow03:50
Ossofor all that matters it is connected03:50
Ossocause the socket will abstract it ?03:51
Ossoam I missing a case?03:51
prologicno it in fact doesn't abstract it away03:52
prologicbecause it's a non-blcoking socket03:52
prologicyou can't assume it's connected at that point03:52
prologicthere is a way to proeprly fire the Connected event03:52
prologicwhen the socket is properly connected03:52
prologichave a look through the asyncore code in py2703:52
prologicsearch for handle_connect_event03:53
prologicbasically because this webcrawler I'm trying to make go even faster is making many connections at the same time03:53
prologicthis comes to light in that case03:53
prologicand we can write to the socket before it's connected03:54
prologicand things fail03:54
circuitsa6b3ee13cf06 by prologic: Removed singleton feature. Not used anywhere in circuits. Expensive03:58
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prologichey logix81204:12
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circuits86dd2aeb119b by prologic: Testing better versioning and tagging20:11
circuits5592ed12f7f4 by prologic: Automated merge with
circuits55b207b23c5b by prologic: Removed circuits namesapce from circuits20:11
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