IRC Logs for #circuits-dev Sunday, 2013-04-07

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Ossohello prologic05:02
Ossoyou haven't looked into the wait() loop yet?05:03
prologicno I haven't05:03
prologicbeen playing with networkx tonight05:03
Ossofor component graphs!05:04
prologichave a refresh05:10
prologicI have weights in there as well now05:10
prologicweights == no. of event handlers for that target component05:11
prologicoh crap05:12
prologicgets very messy with complex systems05:13
prologicI need to figure out how to make the labels fit bbetter05:21
OssoI think it's really late in the night for you?05:51
OssoI want to look into the wait loop problem05:51
prologicyeah it is05:53
prologicI'm running tests and going to bed05:53
prologicyeah that would be good05:53
prologicwe have a few bugs/chores to fix before 2.2.005:53
Ossowhat was the name of the project that's scrapping ?05:53
Ossothat I need to optimize it for05:53
prologic in there05:53
OssoI downloaded it on my work computer05:54
Ossobut not here05:54
prologicit's pretty independent from the rest of the project05:54
prologicthe circuits version05:54
prologicjust grab that one file if you like05:54
Ossooh well already cloned05:55
prologicgood luck! :)05:55
prologicand gn805:55
Ossogood night05:55
Ossoit's for py305:55
Ossoor not05:56
Ossowhat's the url module ?05:56
circuitse003ed29d0f1 by prologic: Trying a different tag build05:56
circuitsebe1f635490e by prologic: Reviewed Filtering Demo for circuits.web [#45735111]05:56
circuits7b517a973895 by prologic: Code cleanup05:56
circuitsf7af867037a2 by prologic: Code cleanup05:56
circuits475dfbbac5ff by prologic: Reviewed Forms Demo for circuits.web [#45735111]05:56
circuits6be0771ec357 by prologic: Reviewed Wiki Demo for circutis.web [#45735111]05:56
circuitsb828305b6a27 by prologic: Fixed a bug with processing urlencoded request data.05:56
circuitsf277515878fd by prologic: Added mime-type for text/javascript05:56
circuits27e2baf09c00 by prologic: Code cleanup05:56
circuitsc39acb6c6f58 by prologic: Experimenting using networkx to render component graphs05:56
circuits0b5a57c75360 by prologic: Registered the Dispatcher to self.http05:56
OssoI remember05:56
Ossoyou included it in circuits05:56
prologicoh yeah05:57
prologicwe did05:57
prologicand we added py3 compatibility for it05:57
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circuits5cb3eb63c8b4 by prologic: Fixed name of method for request_failure event handler15:42
circuitsb1f5e56c98f1 by prologic: Added support for stremaing for when WSGI callables return a generator15:42
circuits45906dd33057 by prologic: Automated merge with
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circuitsfb5e62129e6a by prologic: Fixed potential issue encoding bytes twice with chunked responses.22:39
circuits06893c398910 by prologic: Fixed issue with returned generators from responses where the response has not been compauted yet.22:39

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