IRC Logs for #circuits-dev Sunday, 2013-09-29

ircnotifier_3 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev04:16
ircnotifier_b9cb786eb329 by prologic: Fixed notify test04:16
ircnotifier_1eea40169f67 by prologic: Remvoed dummy handlers04:16
ircnotifier_87d46e710dc1 by prologic: Python3 fixes04:16
ircnotifier_2 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev08:53
ircnotifier_1da726bf21e5 by prologic: Added pypy to tox08:53
ircnotifier_2fe72f54e238 by prologic: Updated all examples to new event semantics08:53
ircnotifier_1 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev08:56
ircnotifier_cdd7a26c57dd by prologic: Updated tutorial sources and examples with new event semantics08:56

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