IRC Logs for #circuits-dev Tuesday, 2013-12-17

ircnotifier1 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev11:08
ircnotifier00c872492236 by prologic: Fixed typo11:08
ircnotifier1 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev12:57
ircnotifier7de8b2be53e5 by prologic: Trying to implement exceptions for timed out events when using call/wait12:57
ircnotifier2 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev14:48
ircnotifier5d6810edf4a3 by prologic: Added failing test case for using call/wait with circuits.web's default dispatcher14:48
ircnotifier9eede7bddbe6 by prologic: Added simple example of using Worker in process mode14:48
ircnotifier2 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev14:53
ircnotifier271c872005bc by prologic: Add Debugger to factorial example to show how it works14:53
ircnotifierc95cdbcbd733 by prologic: Demonstrate that Worker(s) are async and participate in events by making the factorial example really really slow14:53
ircnotifier1 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev15:18
ircnotifier754793ae6716 by prologic: Fixed call/wait with circuits.web dispatcher15:18
ircnotifier1 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev15:24
ircnotifier025bdd4d7fbe by prologic: Distinguish between Debugger/Default error handling and the unhandled version when exceptions go unaucht (should never happen)15:24
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SXI've implemented the exception throwing on timeout18:08
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