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jgiorgiprologic: so call/wait is stable? is circuits-dev relatively bug free?14:00
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prologicjgiorgi, it is15:42
prologicand by relatively we mean all unit tests pass15:42
prologicwe always focus on keeping unit tests passing15:42
jgiorgiso the proper way to get the result of an event is...?16:48
prologicx =
jgiorgiyes but if i recall correctly that isnt an instantaneous return19:30
jgiorgiit returns a Value object which until the event propagates has no value19:30
prologicit's called a promise20:39
prologicyou have to wait until the event has fired20:39
prologicyield self.wait(...)20:39
prologicor explicitly call it with20:39
prologicotherwise you can set .notify = True on the event object and listen for the foo_changed event20:40
prologicsometimes I wonder what need circuits fills21:06
prologicpulsar's hello world wsgi app21:15
prologic193reqs/s concurrency 10021:15
prologiccircuits.web 503req/s same concurrency21:15
prologiccircuits obviously is pure python all the way21:15
prologicpulsar has a C http_parser module21:16
jgiorgigot disconnected, not sure which, if any of my messages actually got sent21:23
jgiorgi<jgiorgi> so x = yield
jgiorgi<jgiorgi> would get the Value object (x) and wait until the event had propagated before continuing with the application?21:23
jgiorgi<jgiorgi> s/application/handler21:23
prologicbefore resuming at that point in the handler - yes21:24
prologicthe system still lives on21:24
prologic^^^ For example21:28
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platzhirschcandy got me here23:20
platzhirschprologic: so what would be the class/function I have to look for when I want to watch a file?23:21
platzhirschlooks like I need
prologicI'm back23:34 is what you want23:34
prologicit's a Component that wraps the pyinotify functionality23:34
prologicobviously only works on systems that support inotify23:35
prologicso I hope you don't plan on running this on Windows :023:35
platzhirschwish there would be some more examples in the docs :)23:35
prologicnot in docs23:35
platzhirschno, motion is only available in unix as far as I know23:35
prologicbut in examples/dirwatch.py23:35
prologicjust a simple directory watcher23:35
prologicand just spits out the events as they come in23:35
prologicpython examples/ /tmp23:36
prologicecho "1" > /tmp/foo23:36
prologicdocs only covers most of the circuits.core and circuits.web23:36
prologicI imagine you'll want to be using23:38
prologiccircuits.web with a simple set of controlelrs23:38
prologicplus the component23:38
prologicand maybe think about (if not already) separating out your logic in distinct components23:38
platzhirschthat's really nice, covers most of the requirements23:39
prologicwe try23:40
prologicthe only con for circuits right now is networking protocols23:40
prologicof which we have few23:40
prologicand if you succeed with circuits + <your app>23:41
prologicyou must tell us about it so we can write up a bit of a blurb :)23:41

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