IRC Logs for #circuits Sunday, 2013-01-20

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marky1991have the tests been run on 2.7?18:02
marky1991I decided to slow down and fix everything for python 3 before worrying about windows problems18:02
marky1991then ran it on 2.7, only to find that there are failures on 2.7 even18:02
marky1991it could potentially be my system however. I'm running linux mint on a virtual machine18:04
marky1991the failing tests specifically are web/ and web/test_static.py18:05
prologicwhat revision mark?18:18
marky1991let me check18:18
marky1991fairly recent18:18
marky1991i think today18:18
prologicshould in theory all pass18:18
prologicjust do a pull -u18:18
prologicjust to be sure though18:18
prologicmehere was doing some stuff earlier18:18
prologicyeah you're 2 revisions behind18:19
marky1991geez he's been prolific today18:19
prologicyeah :)18:19
prologicalthough I think 3421 has broken performance badly18:19
prologicnext release is going to have to be 2.1 I think18:20
prologicas we haven't changed any core apis18:20
prologicbut we've removed and added some features18:20
prologicmarky1991, join #circuits-dev :)18:35
prologicstick it on your auto join list ;)18:35
marky1991ah, i keep forgetting it exists18:35
marky1991it's supposed to already be there.18:35
prologicI don't see you :)18:35
marky1991not in it for seome reason18:36
marky1991silly irc client18:36
prologicwhat are you using?18:36
prologicahh k18:36
prologicany good at gui(s) ?18:36
prologicwxwindows, gtk, etc?18:36
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