IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2013-01-23

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prologichey ronny06:09
ronnyand bbl06:26
prologicworking late while waiting for Alice to wake up for her feed06:27
prologicI had a baby girl 2 weeks ago06:27
prologicOsso working on fixing the io.Process component06:28
prologicand I'm working on Python 3.1/3.2/3.3 compat06:28
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prologicso Python 3 compat is coming along nicely07:09
prologicat least most things import and run ok07:09
prologicjust have to get envs setup and learn how to use tox07:09
ronnyi see07:09
ronnyim porting werkzeug to python307:09
ronnyprologic, what do you think of juggler so far?07:10
prologicI've only briefly looked over the source so far07:17
prologiclooks okay :)07:18
ronnyits pretty minimalistic so far07:18
prologichmm was just doing some more python 3 fixing just then07:19
prologicdiscovered something weird07:19
prologiceverything seems to work okay enough07:19
prologicbut my app is getting a SIGINT from somewhere07:20
prologicas soon as it's fired a _read event from the poller (select)07:20
prologicstraced it and I can't figure out why or how07:20
prologichappens on 3.1/3.2 and 3.307:20
prologicI know07:22
prologicis there a way to trap exceptions globally in Python 3?07:23
ronnyhmm, no idea, ask python core07:23
prologicok I know why07:28
prologicI was hding exceptions in the main loop07:28
prologicwhich under normal circumstances when there are no Python 3 issues wouldn't be a problem :)07:29
prologicronny, circuits.web now works with ptyhon 308:26
ronnyprologic, reminds me, i need to alloc some time for giving you the critique08:27
prologiccritique welcome08:28
ronnywill need a few days at least i think08:43
prologicsure no worries08:45
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