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ronnyi find it incredibly hard to spec out protocols between 2 endpoints01:15
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prologicI don't :)01:36
prologicbecause we/i treat protocols as a series of messages/events01:36
ronnyprologic, its easy to describe the messages off a protocol, im trying to get replies into the chain01:51
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prologicgetting ready for work13:04
ronnygetting ready for sleep :P13:15
ronnymy defense is Feb 0513:15
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ronnysleep wont work it seems15:33
ronnyprologic, there?15:33
prologicronny:  yeap I'm here15:41
prologicat work now15:41
ronnyprologic, i see15:42
ronnyi'll update you tommorow morning then15:45
prologicupdate me now, it's fine16:00
prologicI just won't respond as readily :)16:01
ronnyprologic, im going to explore structural enum types (like from fp languages) for python a bit more16:02
ronnyprologic, they are incredibly usefull for protocols, but python doesnt seem to have more complete variants16:03
ronnyit will look different than circuits Events, cause im under the impression that they strictly do too much16:06
prologicnot at all16:07
prologicthey only carry data and attirbutes16:07
prologicand what's a structural enum type?16:07
ronnyprologic, stuff like type Maybe[T] { Nothing; Just(T) }16:08
ronnywhere you can have a Maybe[Int] thats either Nothing or something like Just(1)16:08
ronnyso it carries some extra data16:09
ronnyprologic, event in circuts cares a lot of internal management things16:11
prologicwhat about protocol buffers from google?16:12
prologicit has to16:12
prologicbecause sometimes we care about what happens to an event16:12
prologice = Event.create("Foo")16:12
prologice.success = True16:12
prologicwill fire FooSuccess upon success of handling Foo16:12
prologicwe care about the life cycle of an event16:13
prologicthat's why Event objects carry extra attirbutes16:13
ronnyreminds me, you might want a weakvalue dictionary for the type name -> type maapping in Event.create16:14
ronnyprologic, i see what you mean, but thats not something you put into a minimal system16:15
ronny(wrt .success)16:15
prologicsure maybe not16:16
prologicand maybe some of these attributes can go way in future16:16
prologicbut for now they prove very useful16:16
ronnyprologic, im thinking of encoding replies in protocols16:16
ronnybut declaring protocols will be tricky16:17
prologicsorry a weak value dict for what exactly?16:17
ronnyprologic, event.Create creates a type instace based on the passed name, that can be cached16:17
ronnyso the name->type mapping returns the same type16:18
ronnyyou could even go as far as a strong mapping, but that may create trouble for bad code16:18
ronnyneed a bed16:21
ronnyback in 6 hours16:21
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blindrage1anyone up?20:13
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prologicblindrage: h20:19
prologicblindrage:  hi :)20:20
blindragehi. so i blew a flow meter (hall sensor) and i have no idea how =(20:23
blindragehave it hooked up to an arduino, 5v from the 5v pin, grounded, digital sensor to it20:24
blindragethen used a 12v/500mA power supply through a 7805, all-of-a-sudden i can't get readings from the flow meter20:24
prologicI think you want #electronics dude20:24
blindrageyea, i'm there now20:24
blindragei realized, can always hope =)20:24
prologicwe're a python (software) project channel20:24
prologicsorry for the confusion20:24
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