IRC Logs for #circuits Saturday, 2013-02-02

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prologichi cipher__21:55
cipher__hello prologic21:56
prologicWhat can we do for you? :)21:57
cipher__Actually I believe I solved my problem; if I run into another I'll be back if you don't mind?21:59
prologicnot at all22:02
prologicwhat are you using circuits for?22:02
cipher__headphone amp22:05
prologicI think you're in the wrong channel dude :)22:06
prologicsee the topic :)22:06
prologiccircuits is a python library/framework for writing software22:06
prologicsorry :)22:06
cipher__well someone might know circuitry here22:07
prologicdoubt it22:07
prologicwe're all software developers22:07
prologicin Python :)22:07
prologicwe all might know a little circuitry22:07
prologicI do22:07
prologicbut we don't usually discuss circuitry here22:07
prologicrather the circuits framework22:07

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