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prologichey anunnaki  you're new here aren't you?15:22
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anunnakiprologic, yes, i hope you dont mind me idling in the chat. I learn by reading others :)18:05
prologicanunnaki:  no no not at all :) by all means!18:11
prologicJust wanted to say hi and learn about you :)18:11
prologicWhat are you using circuits for? Anything in particular?18:11
prologicI (also) hope you're in the right place18:11
prologiccircuits is a python application framework for developers ;)18:11
anunnakihah i thought it was the other circuits.18:46
anunnakibut ive been considering to learn python so i guess im not in the wrong place after all :p18:47
anunnakiby the amount of people in here.. it seems to be a new type of framework or very specific to one function i'd presume18:48
prologicno neither :)19:45
prologicit's not new at all19:45
prologicand b it's not very specific either19:45
prologiccircuits has been in development for the past 8 years or so now19:45
prologicand is (in a sense) a general purpose application framework19:46
prologicit's main difference though that sets it apart from other similar (in terms of async feature) such as tornado, gevent, twisted, etc is it's component architecutre19:46
prologiccircuits is all about componnets19:46
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prologicanunnaki:  we have online logs if you missed anything21:54
anunnakithanks, ill take a look at them.21:55
anunnakithe name circuits is fitting. i can see why its name that. so components as in bluetooth devices?21:57
prologicwell components are like electronic components21:58
prologicyou plug them together21:58
prologicand they send signals/events to each other21:58
prologicthat's why we chose (or I rather) the name "circuits"21:58
prologicit has that conatation21:59
anunnakiright on.22:00
prologicThis is an example system written in circuits btw22:09
prologicvisually showing the what the component graph looks like22:09
prologicwhich is actually the component graph behind the wiki engine sahriswiki22:10
anunnakishortcircuit.. will number 5 be alive?22:28
anunnakiahhh. that would be funny if that was named after the movie.22:29
prologicoh it is :)22:31
anunnakithat system in the manager.png..that manager is the kernel right?22:31
prologicI guess you could think of it like that22:36
prologicin circuits we call it the root manager (or component)22:36
anunnakicool. good enough transition for me.22:48
anunnakiwere you the guy telling me about serial access?22:49
anunnakii think i heard about this channel from elinux22:49
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koobsprologic; ping23:34
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