IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2013-02-06

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prologickoobs, pong01:02
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koobsprologic; are there any distributed systems algorithms/functions in circuits?01:17
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prologicnot not as such - not any prebuilt apis, etc01:22
prologicbut we plan to do this01:22 (for example)01:22
koobswhen you get to planning, let me know01:22
koobsI have ideas.01:23
prologicwe have all required primitives01:23
koobsIf circuits had them, id be picking it for use @ work01:23
prologicwell we have them now01:23
prologicwe just don't have high level apis01:23
prologicso my recommendation is to start using circuits now01:23
koobsIm thinking algo implementations01:23
koobsCourse it is :)01:23
prologicand help us improve the apis and components by valid real use cases01:23
prologicso you tell us what you're trying to acheive01:23
prologicand we'll either01:24
prologica) help you build it01:24
prologicb) build better core components that handle 80% of it01:24
prologiclike I said01:24
koobsI can make a list of what im interested in01:24
prologicwe have Bridge (IPC)01:24
koobsTheyre mostly primites, so I think they may suit well01:24
prologicand Node(s) - distributed01:24
prologiccome up with a list01:24
koobsWell, im interested in coordination and comms protocols01:24
prologicand present it to me01:25
koobswill do01:25
prologicand we'll go from there01:25
koobsSponsorship is an option01:25
prologicI'm actually really tempted to look for better work01:25
prologicI'm spending 4hrs/day travelling to/from work atm01:25
prologicso working conditions kinda suck a bit01:25
prologiceven if I were sponsered for 6months to work on adding the required features to circuits for you01:26
prologicI'd be very happy01:26
prologiceg: contract work01:26
koobssee privmsg01:26
prologicbbs - dinner01:30
koobssup ronny01:33
ronnykoobs, not much, still hangover from the party - i did a very good thesis defense02:37
koobsah :)02:38
koobswhat was the occasion ?02:38
ronnyi just wrote, read it all02:38
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