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ronnyprologic, i think i finished understanding what i seek, will try to fit it into a essay over the next week00:03
prologickoobs, when are you guys going to hire me? :)00:45
prologicronny, look forward to reading it -- Got a short summary?00:46
ronnyprologic, its related to the original nature of object oriented programming, which is something you do not see at all in most "object oriented" programming languages00:59
prologicYes I think I can predict where you're going with this :)01:06
prologicI look forward to the read in any case - but feel free to use #circuits as a sounding board01:06
prologicThe reason I developed circuits and still do is because of some of the inherent problems of OOP01:06
prologicMostly due to reuse and maintainability01:06
prologicThe other side of the coin that circuits tries to solve is one of scalability and concurrency01:07
prologicWhich is why it builds in asynchronous components, message passing and primitive distributed processing components (Bridge, Node, Worker)01:08
ronnyprologic, i think you know exactly, unfortunately circuits cannot map directly to the model i have in mind cause of differences in message transfer philosophy01:21
prologicAs I've said before...01:22
prologicI would really like to "find out" if we can though01:22
prologicIn a way that doesn't horribly break things :)01:22
ronnyprologic, from my current point of view its "completely rip out the message bus"01:23
ronnyalso my prototype has a bit of a wrong mapping atm01:24
ronnythe thing i currently call message, i really should call it envelope01:24
ronnyit has source, target and payload01:24
ronnyalso i figured how to express protocols in a reasonable way01:26
ronnyi'll put it into my prototype as i find time01:26
prologicSo is interesting01:51
prologic45k downloads in total01:51
prologic640 for 2.1.001:51
prologicNext year (2014) will be circuits 10th year of development01:51
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FSXGood morning :)02:57
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prologicwell even'n here04:07
prologicbut good morning to you :)04:08
prologicahh huh :)04:26
prologicgotcha :)04:26
FSXSo you're already working 9 years on Circuits?04:30
prologictime flies04:31
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FSXI saw two exceptions when installing Circuits with Python 3.3:
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prologicFSX, Thanks. Fixed.12:25
prologicIn dev12:25
FSXCool :)12:26
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jgiorgiprologic: does circuits.web accept returning a file object? I'm attempting to serve a potentially large text file without loading it into memory17:38
prologicYou've asked this before I think :)17:39
prologicShould I put this in a FAQ for circuits.web?17:40
prologicIf you return a file-like object from a request handler; circuits.web will automatically start streaming it until EOF17:40
prologicasynchronously of course17:40
jgiorgiprobably, i usually ask questions like this while very tired17:43
jgiorgithe faq would be nice, i've been working on a guide to circuits.web for a while (currently using it as my personal notes)17:43
jgiorgiprobably post bits of it soon17:44
prologicIf you could contribute that in the form of finishing the circuits.web manual17:50
prologicThat would be great!17:50
jgiorgiI'm sure a lot of it could practically be copy paste. i'll look at it17:51
jgiorgido Response events handle file-like objects as well or only when returned from a controller17:52
prologicIT's all handled by the HTTP Component17:57
prologicjgiorgi:  if you could write some more circuits.web docs and submit a pull request to us over the next 4-8 weeks that would be good18:57
prologicWe will probably plan to release 2.1.1 soon18:57
jgiorgiI'm in the process of converting my notes to blog entries, from there I'll write up some docs18:58
prologicthat would be appreciated19:03
prologicjust fork and submit a pull request when done19:03
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prologichi anunnaki21:02
anunnakihello prologic21:03
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anunnakisorry about that. was upgrading my kernel and had to reboot21:12
anunnakii didnt guess it didnt compile right the first time and had to do it again.21:13
prologicheh always fun :)21:17
anunnakiyeah. wouldnt of been as fun if i didnt just get done installing 3.7.9. just to find out its unstable and had to bump up to 3.7.10. shouldve just went with 3.8.1 from the start21:43

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