IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2013-03-06

prologicjgiorgi, ping?01:06
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jgiorgiprologic: hey12:30
jgiorgisorry i was afk12:31
prologicjgiorgi:  bps was just after your email addy15:00
prologicso I could map mercurial authors to git users15:00
prologicI found it anyway :)15:00
jgiorgiyou might not have the new one15:00
jgiorgiold one is justin.giorgi@gmail.com15:00
jgiorginew is justin@justingiorgi.com15:01
prologicall good15:28
prologicdoesn't matter too much :)15:28
prologicyou got mapped anyway15:29
jgiorgididnt know we used git anyway15:32
jgiorgiit works but not exactly a clean, effecient product15:38
prologicWell we don't15:38
prologicHowever we are now providing a github repo of circuits15:38
prologicBut I for one will still primarily develop and maintain mercurial repos on bitbucket15:38
prologicI'll just keep them all in sync15:38
jgiorgifair enough16:01
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prologichi christopher19:05
prologicoh it's you anunnaki  :)20:47
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