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prologicjgiorgi, really? you're joking?00:52
prologicyou have a circuits powered bouncer?00:52
prologicI want I want :)00:52
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prologichey Osso01:31
prologicOsso, did you read that article I emaield?01:58
prologickoobs, hey :)01:58
OssoI saw the link but haven't read it01:59
prologicahh k01:59
prologicdid you see Justin's blog response to it?01:59
prologicI'm about to comment on jgiorgi's blog response01:59
prologicjust with a few retorts of my own01:59
prologicI love jgiorgi's point of that we develop in a separate development branch (actually a separate repo)02:00
prologicand you often don't see changes in the main repo for months02:00
prologicsometimes an entire year has gone by02:00
prologicI also find one remark quite funny02:00
prologiclet me paste it02:00
prologicit's all in the paragraph:02:01
prologicSecond, I can?t exactly tell if the project is still being worked on. When I first started, I naively looked at the dates on the recent commits to the whole circuits project. The circuits.web portion hasn?t been committed to since August. WebSockets were made a candidate recommendation in December. Nothing in circuit.web?s implementation needs to be changed? That makes me suspicious.02:01
prologicsee the bit about websockets?02:01
prologicnow I oringlaly wrote that02:01
prologicthen mehere improved it02:01
prologicand yes this is the beauty of circuits02:01
prologicnot a single line of code in the core or circuits.web had to be changed to accomodate websockets02:02
prologicthat's the power of "proper" component architecture (loose coupling)02:02
OssoI do agree with the lack of documentation02:26
Ossowe have a major bug in http auth? that indeed makes us look bad02:28
prologicI don't think we do at all tbh02:36
prologicI think it was a bug in the dispatcher02:36
prologicwhich I think we fixed when we rewrote it02:36
prologicand by lack of documentation02:36
prologicdo you mean specifically circuits.web?02:36
prologicbecause I think we've come a long way with docs for circuits itself02:36
prologicAnd jgiorgi's blog ( -- Justin makes a great point02:37
prologiccircuits is well written and self documenting02:37
prologicAny good Python is :)02:37
prologicAnd I guess if you understood, read and looked at code and examples of circuits02:37
prologicyou'd not need too much docs for circuits.web?02:37
prologicOsso, mehere I've marked two stories as 1 point each simply because they are all about borrowing and wrapping existing code in a component (CGI and DropPrivileges)02:43
Ossofine by me02:44
Ossothe drop privileges is a onetime thing02:45
Ossowe unregister it after the business is done ?02:45
prologicyes I think so02:45
prologicin theory we should do the same with Daemon :)02:45
prologicspaceone, guten morgen04:51
prologicAnyone awake?06:43
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spaceoneprologic: pong08:15
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spaceoneprologic: what is a 'story' ?09:55
prologicoh hey dude13:50
prologicI merged in the HTTPStatus changes13:50
prologicall tests are passing13:50
prologicAlso I updated the docs a bit13:50
prologicand will do so again today (flesh out circuits.web docs a bit more)13:50
prologicUpdated dev docs:
prologicPlease let me know what you all think13:58
prologicbbl - going out for breakfast13:58
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prologichey ronny17:46
ronnysup prologic17:46
ronnyjust got back from the cebit17:46
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