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spaceoneprologic: i know08:49
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prologicHey patx13:43
prologicltns ;)13:43
spaceoneprologic: in what way does the patch from yesterday breaks xmlRPC ?14:01
prologicno it doesnt now14:01
prologicall tests are passing in dev14:01
spaceonedid you commit it?14:02
spaceonei see14:03
prologicon the bus with iPad ;)14:03
prologicbe good if you could fork and submit any fixes or improvements as pull reqs ;)14:05
spaceoneprologic: Oo.. but you commitet the vulnerable fix14:08
prologicwhat needs changing?14:09
spaceoneyou need to use os.path.realpath14:09
prologicmust have missed something you said14:09
prologicyeah that completely breaks xml and json rpc dispatchers for some readon14:10
prologicif realpath is the better way ill have to try again and find out why it breaks tjese14:10
spaceoneprologic: if the realpath thing breaks xml rpc, firefox will also14:11
prologicwhats this to do with firefox?14:12
spaceoneprologic: firefox automatically passes the request path through os.path.realpath14:12
prologicoh hmmm i dont think that matters so much14:13
prologicjust have to work out ehy it breaks those two tests14:13
prologicill have another go with realpath when i get in to work14:14
spaceoneprologic: can i merge with circuits-dev then or do i have to fork it again?14:19
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prologicyeah go for it!14:21
prologicbo major breaking changes? ;)14:21
prologicdo all tests pass?14:21
prologicyou need tox, pytest and pytest-cov14:22
spaceoneprologic: there are a lot more errors in the main HTTP server14:48
spaceoneprologic: i am getting a response 4 times for one request14:49
prologicthat doesnt happen here or any of our other evironments14:50
prologicyou sure youre not just seeing multiple events?14:50
prologiccan you paste a debug output?14:51
spaceoneecho -en 'GET the PENIS1.2.3.4\r\nHost:\r\nConnection: close\r\n\r\n' | nc localhost 809014:51
spaceonethis request ist accepted14:51
prologicdoes this happen with a simple hello world?14:55
spaceonehmm, This is caused by my new error handling14:56
spaceonewhat is wrong with it?14:59
prologicyou dont have ,ultiple instances of this do you?15:00
prologicor multiple instances of the same thing?15:00
spaceoneof which?15:01
spaceoneof the class ?15:01
prologicbbiab have to walk now15:01
spaceonethe class is only one time instanciated15:02
prologicuse the Debugger15:02
prologictry to trace the events15:02
spaceone                if self.ssl_cert:15:03
spaceone                        server = server + BaseServer((, int(self.ssl_port)), secure=True, certfile=self.ssl_cert)15:03
spaceone                (server + Logger(logger=ACCESS) + CircuitsDispatcher(self.dispatcher)).run()15:03
spaceoneprologic: basically i have (BaseServer(bind) + BaseServer((host, ssl_port), secure=True, certfile=f)).run()15:09
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prologicspaceone:  oh15:28
prologicyou're running two servers?15:28
prologicin the same process?15:28
prologicBasically it works now15:37
prologicI just had to modify the two tests15:37
prologicI was constructing a url like15:37
prologicos.path.realpath("/rpc/") was returning "/rpc"15:37
prologicfailing the if path != request.path15:37
prologicand causing a redirect15:37
prologicnow I don't know if this is a problem with the logic however15:37
prologicwhether /rpc/ should be considered equal to /rpc15:38
prologicall tests pass with this modification15:39
prologicspaceone:  I've added a new set of unit tests16:12
prologicspaceone: the changes break 87 tests on Windows now :/16:40
prologicgod damn cross platform crap :)16:40
prologicI think we should use this intead:16:40
prologicfor all url handling16:40
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