IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2013-03-13

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prologiceven' nall02:19
ronnysup prologic02:29
prologicnot much02:40
prologicprolly head to bed soon02:40
prologicposixpath.realpath worked02:41
prologicthank you for the suggestion02:41
prologicfor now we'll stick to the url functions we have02:41
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prologicmaybe I"ll do a little coding before bed :)03:33
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spaceoneprologic: two critical errors:
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prologicspaceone:  one moment I'll have a look14:47
prologicgot into to work early today14:47
prologicspaceone:  ping?14:50
prologicWe're aware of this bug14:50
prologicWe lack unicode support for parsing headers14:50
prologicIt's due to be fixed shortly in 2.1.114:50
spaceoneprologic: ok, this is one of the importants things for SF14:51
prologicSure no worries14:51
spaceonebecause in germany the windows users uses MEZ which will cause to crash14:51
prologicIt should be fixed in the next day or so14:51
prologicI might try and see if I can't fix it now14:51
spaceoneaight ;)14:51
prologicbut first I'll go get some toasted cheese sandwich and some coffee14:51
spaceoneof course14:51
prologicthe test case would be to use urllib.urlopen to send a request to a simple server with unified characters in the request headers right?14:52
prologicas long as I have a simple test case I can fix it :)14:52
spaceoneprologic: the test case is also to set unicode response headers14:53
spaceone(is it btw allowed?)14:53
prologicahh yeap14:53
prologicso two test cases14:53
prologicno problems14:53
prologicshould be easy to fix I think14:53
prologicI'll posted back when it's fixed14:53
spaceoneprologic: yes... and str(foo).encode('utf-8') is the biggest NOGO you can ever do :D14:54
prologichmm? What should it be instead?14:54
prologicI'm just taking advantage of the Response.__str__ method for getting the initial response14:54
prologic(-minus the body)14:54
spaceonehmm, what about Response.__unicode__()14:55
prologicyeah ok14:56
spaceonebut i don't know exactly14:57
prologicand what about the"utf-8")) bit?14:57
spaceonei did not really read what RFC2616 wrotes about encoding14:57
spaceonedid not have the time yet14:57
spaceonestr(response).encode("utf-8") is always a NOGO14:58
spaceoneyou can't do this14:58
spaceonethis is not fixable by nothing14:58
spaceonebecause response MUST be 7bit ascii if you do this14:58
spaceoneotherwise always(!) a exception is raised14:59
prologicwell encoding as utf-8 ensures it's 7bit ascii15:00
spaceoneyes, but it does not have to be 7bit ascii?!15:01
prologicno this is true15:04
prologicbut that's a bug anyway15:04
prologicit should be using the encoding of the server15:04
prologicwhich is configurable15:04
spaceoneprologic: is there anywhere documentatet which cherrypy version you forked?15:30
prologicwe didn't fork per say16:40
prologicwe just borrowed bits of code16:40
prologicand no I don't remember sorry16:40
prologicspaceone:  ping?17:41
prologicLooking at applying this patch17:41
prologicIt passes all tests17:42
prologicrequest/response body17:42
prologicrequest/response headers17:42
prologicAnd I've ensured the http encoding is configurable17:42
prologicspaceone:  Fixed.18:21
prologicHowever I'll have to sort out this different server encoding business18:21
prologicalthough we can support it18:21
prologicI'm not entirely sure urllib or httplib do18:21
prologicOsso wrote tests.web/test_encoding18:22
prologicto test for different encoding mechanisms on the server side18:22
prologicbut trying to make that work is well hard it seems18:22
prologicI need some help with this unicode support bs22:18
prologicI managed to fix unicode support for http headers22:18
prologicBut then broke a bunch of other things on Python 322:18

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