IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2013-03-20

prologickoobs, yes I saw00:16
prologicmillerti, hi there00:16
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prologicOsso, did you try running up a server with multiple processes on BSD?01:49
prologicOsso, I merged our experimental branch back into dev today - contains updates http, querystring and multipart parsers01:50
prologicand a big cleanup of te HTTP component01:50
OssoI haven't01:51
koobsprologic; ping02:05
koobsi need a client which spawns -k concurrent connections with a particular source address02:06
koobsso i get get past this infernal 65535 port pair limit and 64k concurrent connection limit   ;)02:06
prologickoobs, pong02:41
prologickoobs, not sure :)02:42
koobsmm :)02:43
koobsim sure you could bang one up in like 30 seconds :)03:00
prologicI'm not sure what you're after exactly :)03:02
prologicspaceone, ping?03:02
prologicoh he's probably at work03:02
prologicoh well03:03
prologicI'm deleting the experimental branch anway03:03
prologichey ronny03:03
koobsprologic; -c <number_of_connections> -s <use this source_address> -t<destinationip> -p port03:03
koobsa tcp (http) traffic generator that can use ip aliases03:03
prologichmm ok03:04
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jgiorgiwell, another day begins20:37
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