IRC Logs for #circuits Saturday, 2013-03-23

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scriabina circuits channel!09:12
scriabinanyone here who understands Ohm's law?09:12
spaceonelook at the topic09:41
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prologicit's times like these when I think we should rebrand the project :)14:31
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prologicspaceone, ping?18:13
prologic-        if not hasattr(self, "server"):18:13
prologic+        if getattr(self, "server", None) is None:18:13
prologicaren't these two lines equivalent?18:13
prologicoh hang on18:13
prologic.server can be None18:13
prologicI think in wsgi.Application18:13
prologicin that case arguably we should not set the attribute at all18:14

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