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prologicanyone around?06:02
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prologicspaceone:  what do you think of ? Specifically my proposed patch13:40
spaceoneprologic: le me c13:40
prologicmorning btw ;)13:41
spaceoneevening ;)13:41
spaceoneprologic: can you make an example: 2 classes with 2 events, where the 2nd is not processed13:42
spaceonei think this is cool13:43
prologicyup sure can. Have done so already but its ar home on my desktop13:43
prologicill paste a sample of the usage of this when i het to eork ok?13:44
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spaceoneprologic: it's cool i think13:46
prologicbasically the usage is similar13:48
spaceoneinstead of return just self.stop()13:48
prologicexcept instead of returning Gello World13:48
prologicyoud call event.stop()13:48
prologicthe check is13:49
prologicif value is not None and event.filter:13:49
prologicnow it will just be13:49
spaceoneif event.stopped:13:50
prologicif event._stopflag:13:50
prologicor that ;)13:50
prologicactually i liked the internal var stopped better13:50
prologicill change the patch when i get in...13:50
prologicit would also deprecate filter=True13:51
prologicnot necessary anymore13:51
prologici also added complete = True to the Request event last night so one can identify a requests completeness revursively13:55
prologicAlso we now actively test against Python 3.3 -- The guys over at ShingingPanda fixed up py33 on their onfrastructure13:56
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spaceonei today switched from screen to tmux14:38
spaceoneit fucks my weechat14:38
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koobscircuits 2.1.0 landing in the FreeBSD ports tree in < 2 mins14:47
koobs -
spaceoneprologic: ping15:08
spaceoneprologic: check my last commits, especially:
spaceonewhich fixes the security whole15:09
spaceone(did not test)15:09
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jgiorgievening :)20:20
prologicafternoon :)21:16
jgiorgilol timezones make life too hard21:17
jgiorgiso i didnt get that job i was talking about, but i have some prospects, hopefully i can convince them to use circuits :)21:22
prologicget the job first :)21:22
prologicthen convince your colleges to use circuits21:22
prologicsometimes cultural change is hard :)21:23
jgiorgivery true21:29
jgiorgiit seems that porting some protocols implementations over from twisted wouldn't be very difficult21:39
jgiorgiim attempting smtp atm21:40
prologicthat would be sweet21:53
prologicshow me what you come up with when you're done21:53
prologicand we might consider adding it to
jgiorgii'll push it as a part of fc and you can look at it22:01
jgiorgiif you adopt it it's all yours22:01
jgiorgiwell i'm off to bed, i have a nearly functional finger implementation too that was my first attempt22:07

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